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Troopers and Scratch Bowlers

One of my most popular destinations is Heather & Mike's. 694 to highway 100 is the obvious route and the speed limit is 60 and 55 respectively. I'm comfortable going around 70 on 694 and I have a hard time slowing down on 100. Lately however, I've been feeling like it's my turn to be awarded a speeding ticket so I've been trying to be careful.

Thursday evening, I was on my way to meet Heather at about 8. I wasn't alone on 694 but I was the only one who took the exit to hwy 100. About 100 yards into 100, I noticed I was going 70 and slowed down to about 62. In my rear view, I saw a car gaining on me fast. Sometimes my instinct tells me, you can speed up too! but this time, I thought, let him get the ticket. Turns out, it was a trooper.

That fateful evening we were headed to New Hope Bowl. We emptied a pitcher of miller lite and then made our way to the lanes where the leagues had just finished. To our surprise the lanes had about an inch of oil on them which made my ball nearly worthless. It also left a nice greasy residue on the ball. This is the suspected reason why Heather threw the ball behind her instead of the direction of the pins. The lingering leaguers laughed. I barely broke 100 that first game and didn't do all that much better the second. Heather redeemed herself by throwing a turkey and finishing out with a 160! We found out later that the Thursday night league is a scratch bowling league. The median average is a humble 210. I averaged that. Over 3 games.

Heather, 2 words. Lawn Ornaments.


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