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Bowling Fun Night

Saturday was our last hoorah at Doyles. To keep with bowling tradition, it was a Miller Lite laced no-tap tournament. For those of you non-bowlers, that means if you get 9 pins down on your first ball, it counts as a strike. Generally these are the nights that you can't get more than 8 down with your first ball. Everyone puts in a buck a game and you play for high game.

I won the first game with a 220, and the second game with a 252. The Miller Lite got the best of me in the third game where Heather & I competed for the gutter ball pin. I ended up with a 116. The $20 bucks I won paid for Perkins afterwards. Mike was also a big winner - I think that $7 will surely win him the big bucks in Vegas next month. We won't mention anything about any mooning or flashing or ridiculous picture taking.


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would like any suggestions on some different games to do for fun night at our bowling banquet.We are cooking out at the alley, having a pot luck and would like to play some crazy games. Any suggestions?


I'm not sure what you're familiar with so I'll explain what I know...

No-tap is always fun. There are 2 different ways to play that I know of - 8pin or 9pin. In 8-pin no-tap, if you hit 8 pins down with your first ball it counts as a strike. 9-pin no-tap counts a strike if you hit 9 pins with your first ball. You only get the "bonus" if you hit the specified # of pins with your first ball - for instance, if you hit 7 pins and then 2 pins you do not get a spare.

To add incentive, everyone puts in a dollar a game and then that money is awarded to the first and second place for men and for women. $1 goes to the last place for men and for women. One of my leagues adds the individual handicap into the final scores, one of my leagues doesn't. To figure handicap, women take 180-their average and men take 200-their average.

Bumper bowling is also fun and interesting. You have to bank your ball off the bumper to hit pins. If you don't hit the bumper you must change that ball score to 0. If it's on your 1st ball, you change your score to 0, reset and shoot again at a full rack. You're going for high score.

Low ball was interesting and challenging! I wouldn't recommend this game unless your bowling alley can support the scoring on its computers. You have to hit at least 1 pin with each ball thrown or you get 10 points for that ball. You want the lowest score. So idealy you'd hit 1 pin with each ball. If you throw a gutter ball, that ball is worth 10. Or if you throw a ball that doesn't hit any pins, the ball is worth 10. Worst case scenario - if you get a strike and then 2 gutter balls, your strike is worth 30 points!!! It sounds kind of complicated here, but it really isn't.

There are lots of other fun games to play - ask your alley what games they have programmed in their computers. It depends on the area!

You can also make up fun rules to go along with these games, like you have to bowl with someone else's ball. Or you have to bowl with your other hand, between your legs, granny style.

Have lots of fun! I hope some of these ideas help you!


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