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Dooley vs. 5-0

So I'm on Larpenteur Ave going 38 in a 30. There's a car in front of me and one to the right. This big black truck starts tailing me. He's dancing behind me trying to find a way around me. Ordinarily if there had been room, I would have changed lanes and let him pass but I was trapped. He was unmoved by my plight. As I approach my turn, the light turns red and I slow to a stop in the left turn lane. He blows through the light which has been red now for 2 full seconds. Coincidentally, a Minneapolis police officer has just finished his lunch break at the corner gas station and reconsiders going east to tag the nasty tailgaiter. Your dooley can't save you now! Hope you enjoy your speeding/red light running ticket. My bumper thanks you.


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So much for being accident prone

Plus, I even made it through softball practice without injury. Unless sore muscles count. And damaged liver.

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