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Internet Explorer Error

I use IE 6.0 w/Windows 2000.

On this homepage, I'm getting an IE error saying

"Problems with this Web page might prevent it from being displayed properly or functioning properly..."
....Line 2
....Char 1
....Error: Syntax Error
....Code 0


....Line 410
....Char 3
....Error: Object Expected
....Code 0

This last one will probably change since I've updated the page but does anyone know what the heck this means? I haven't changed the fundamental programming of my webpage for quite some time.

Also, maybe this is just an error I'm getting here at work. If you see an error, would you please leave a comment with the error message?? Or if you know anything about how to debug this I would greatly appreciate your help! I can't pay you but I do have Monopoly money if interested.

Thank you.


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just randomly arrived here via weblogs.com, and i saw your .js error msg. It has something to do with this js code:

<!-- Begin Nedstat Basic code -->
<!-- Title: cittigirl-home -->
<!-- URL: http://www.cittigirl.com -->
<script language="JavaScript" src="http://m1.nedstatbasic.net/basic.js">
<script language="JavaScript">
nedstatbasic("ABcWUg/jrIlLMUJ7Du0FZKBjTfYw", 0);
// -->
<noscript> <a target="_blank" href="http://v1.nedstatbasic.net/stats?ABcWUg/jrIlLMUJ7Du0FZKBjTfYw"><img
border="0" nosave width="18" height="18"></a> </noscript>
<!-- End Nedstat Basic code -->

oops that didn't show up, goto line 429, and you'll see the code thats creating it.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Turns out that my work firewall is blocking nedstat.com and thereby unable to interpret the javascript and return the "object" which is a little square box you may find at the bottom left of this page.


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