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Peace Out

Friday night's bowling banquet proved to be interesting. No thanks to the Bitch Fight "Shots" that Jill and I were presented with. I won the award for Most Improved Bowler - my average went up 18 pins this year. That was completely unexpected. After the banquet we went to Heather & Mike's for some follow-up cocktails. There was some weirdness, some ridiculous conversation, but in the end we worked it out and maybe are the better for it.

We went to Princeton Saturday morning for Dennis' funeral. It was a nice service. Dennis was a special person. We're going to miss him - I mean who's going to catch dinner when we come home empty handed??? Our thoughts and prayers are with Dennis' loved ones. Especially Brittany and Jessica.

Saturday night was the Flaherty's fun night. First game was bumper bowling with a twist - you have to bank your ball off a bumper... Second was normal no-tap and Third was low ball where you have to hit at least 1 pin with each ball but you want the lowest score. If you don't hit a pin (i.e. gutter ball or miss on your second ball) then you got a 10 for that ball!

Sunday we grilled ribs and practiced volleyball and searched unfruitfully for my beloved football. We met Kris & Jake at Forest Hills at 5:30 for the banquet. We talked the league into adopting our gutter pin trophy idea. Our team took 5th place! Also, Kelly won the no-tap tourney for the guys with a 286 and I won for the girls with a 287! Pretty exciting stuff. No really, it is.

We went back to the apartment, collected more of Kelly's stuff and said goodbye. We're going to do our own thing this week and have another full weekend next weekend. Doyle's banquet on Saturday and then Easter Sunday.

Also I have no voice. It truly was peaceful this weekend.


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