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The Truck Hath Runneth Me Over

Sunday was my Grandma's 80th birthday celebration. KFC and DQ cake was devoured. Kids laughed, adults snapped pictures.

Monday I came down with a cold. Realized that I haven't been sleeping because due to stress and uncertainty about Kelly. I'm love him but I need him to be more responsible for himself. I don't mind helping him when he's struggling but I don't know that one should actually take care of the other completely. You have to be your own man sometimes. It's tough to be the heavy all of the time. That being said, it's impossible to deny our compatibility. We have so much in common yet just enough different to challenge each other. We have fun. It's confusing. It hurts. So I talked to him about it Monday night. He didn't know what to say. He went outside after making himself a cocktail and came in an hour later stating he'd have his things moved out by the end of the week. It's what I felt it would eventually come down to, but I didn't know how to go about it.

Tuesday, even more sick. My immune system isn't taking this well.

Wednesday, fever still. Working from home. Kelly came by to pick up more of his things. I'd gotten most of his remaining things together for him. We talked. I told him I needed some direction. Are we going our separate ways, hoping to be friends in the long run? Are we giving him some space to get his stuff together and figure out where he's at and re-evaluate this in a few months? Should I be getting on with my life or just clearing my head? He'd like this to work out. It seems so simple it's so unjust. All we can hope for is patience, understanding and good friends to help us get through this. A little luck wouldn't hurt either. Or the right lottery ticket.

Thursday - still sick damnit. Mom came over, had lunch. Went shopping. Spent money shouldn't have. Bought Christina Aguilera CD. Couldn't look at cashier during checkout. Happy though that gift card I found had $3.60 on it.

Tomorrow's the Monday night league bowling banquet. Saturday is Chad's uncle Dennis' funeral. He has passed much too soon. He will be missed. He is survived by 2 beautiful daughters. They're in our thoughts and prayers. Saturday evening is the last night of the Saturday night bowling league and Sunday is its banquet. Nothing like a crazily busy weekend. As it would happen, I'll see Kelly all 3 days. I'm glad that we're both being smart about this and are on good terms. Thanks to everyone who has been supportive and let me cry, rationalize, over-analyze and dramatize. I can't thank you enough.


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Sounds like you're being very rational about this -- don't worry, you'll get through this no matter what the outcome.

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