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Cell-Phone Scammer

My cell phone cuts in and out a lot. More than my 5150 did. Even when I first bought my 5150, I had to take it into the Sprint PCS store and they exchanged it because the signal was so bad. I even talked them into exchanging it with a brand new one instead of a refurbished as initially offered. The problem is that I bought my 5150 from a dealer vs. the 5300 from e-bay.

Not to be outdone, I took it to the PCS store. It failed one of the tests and they explained the whole refurbished thing and suggested I go back to the dealer where I bought it for exchange. I told them that they were out of stock and asked if they would be willing to exchange it. I felt a little shifty but on the other hand I just signed another 2 year agreement and am forking over $70/month so I don't feel that horrible. They obliged and now I have a new phone (yay!). We switched boxes after I assured him that everything was inside. When I got to work I unpacked its contents to place them in my desk drawer. Guess what I found... the other battery. So not only did I scam out a new phone, but alas I have a 3rd battery.

Now I feel guilty.


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