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Completely Worthless

I got my new phone last night. It's pretty cool except that it squeaks when it opens. I find that annoying for a phone that retails for $399.99. Anyway, I spent about an hour last night entering in phone numbers. I only got half-way through the alphabet when I began dozing off and had to make corrections when I realized I'd sleepily entered Becky's phone number in someone else's entry. I did this 3 times before finally giving into my drowsiness.

You can imagine I was elated to find out that the SnapSync software I bought requires you to update Outlook and then transfer to your phone. Being the *guy* that I am I didn't read the manual first and thought I had things figured out. I synched the phone/Outlook only to find that it made duplicate entries of everything in my outlook addressbook. I deleted all the dups, read the manual, updated Outlook and synched everything up. So, it only took me about 3 hours to update my phone book - 2 and 1/2 of which can be attributed to ignorance.

Perhaps the novelty is gone - I downloaded some ring tones and Claudia's picture for my wallpaper - now it's just another stupid phone that needs charging.


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