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No Good Slacker

This schedule is really starting to get the best of me... I swear I've only been home for a total of 5 waking hours since Thursday. It's been loads of fun but it's taking it's toll. I'm going to apologize ahead of time because I lack the necessary skills to be concise so this will likely be a long one.

Thursday night we lost our softball game in the usual fashion. What set the evening apart was the umpire who had also umped our first game. So we get to the game, start warming up and he asks us, "Are you guys from a rehab center or something?" A rehab center?? We exchange glances and say no. He explains that he thought we were all had drug problems and were in rehab or some church cult because we didn't have any beer and we were losing so bad yet were having such a great time - like we were just happy to get out and play. Church cult? It's so ridiculous it's funny! Nearly every call he made was in our favor. See it can be a good thing when your ump thinks you're a drug-addicted-chuch-cult-member.

Friday Heather, Mike and I went to The Sunshine Factory for dinner, drinks and trivia and then started in on the kitchen floor. We tiled it black and white - looks quite sharp. Afterwards we went to the Eagle's Nest where Mike ran into his usual brood. 2 of his friends talked to us for quite awhile. The 1 guy was hitting on me pretty hard but I was keeping it real. It wasn't difficult to do as he kept referring to me as "You Asian People". Quite the charmer. Especially coming from a 34-year-old-recently-divorced-self-proclaimed-born-again-virgin. You really shouldn't tell a girl you're trying to impress any stories involving a toilet. Also, referring to them as "You anything" is probably a bad idea.

Afterwards we went to a bonfire 2 blocks away from the house. We had more beer, and Heather & I attempted to leave at 3am only to fall over the retaining wall rather gracefully. We were paralyzed with laughter and ended up staying another half hour or so while Mike finished his beer.

Woke up bright and early sicker than a dog. I made it to Sandy's about 20 minutes late and helped them bring a load over to her new house in Blaine. It's about 1 mile away from where I play ball! It's looking really nice and we're all really happy for her. I got home at about 12:30 and tried taking a nap unsuccessfully. Jill called and her roommates housewarming party was already underway. I decided to get up, go for a jog and get ready to go. I'm nearly convinced that jogging is a cure-all as I felt like a million bucks after my 3 mile tour. I got to Jill's at about 4:30 and we headed to the Minnetonka Mist for dinner. Nothing like a $7.95 burger that doesn't come with fries! We ate, we drank, we watched a guy hit the pier with his 30' yacht, we were merry. We headed over to Lord Fletcher's to check that out for a drink or two before heading back home. Quite the people watching extravaganza! I love it! Then, we went back to hang out with Jay-Jay and his friends again but they were running such a tight ship it was hard to relax. At about 9, he wanted people to go down to the fire so he actually put the table that was on the deck inside so people wouldn't have a choice! We sat by the fire for about 5 minutes and decided better of it. Went back to Fletcher's and hung out by the heater. We met some boys that were hanging out 3 doors down from Jill's. Kind of ironic! So we were up too late and had to get up early on Sunday to head up to Net Lake!

The weather was so beautiful this weekend - it was perfect! We hung out outside and Jill's Dad & I taught her how to throw a football. We played with the dogs and ate the best Cajun pork chops ever. We played Yahtzee until bedtime and both of us crashed like there was no tomorrow. I woke up early, went for a run and got back just as breakfast was ready. Now that's what I call living! We went out on the boat, did a little fishing in the lake that has 6 fish :) On the way home we stopped in Duquette, where my family has history. There you will find Jackie Berger park which is named after my great-great Grandfather (there may be more "greats" in there) and even Berger Rd. We got ice cream at the General Store where I think my Dad might have worked one or several summers when he was kid. We got ice cream and swung on the swing-set at the park. Traffic wasn't even bad on the way home - what a fantastic weekend.

Jill & I were laughing because we'd been together Thursday (softball), Saturday-Monday and we were going to the Twins game on Tuesday. I told her people are going to start talking :) But seriously - the Twins game was fun - got to see Kielty nail a 3 run homer to win the game! My record stands true - I've never seen them lose! Now we're not going to see each other tonight (what am I going to do!?) but don't worry, we'll see each other Thursday!


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Cari Berger
You can call me tonight if you miss me to much. =)

I hear Lord Fletcher's is having free drinks for ladies under 5'5"

He could only be referring to you. You are the only asian person out of all the pictures on this site. Not much dark haired representation so far north.

Yeah, I'm such a lucky gal.

That's exactly what your lifeline says. You could always add consistent to lucky. Now that would be something special.

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