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Oops I Did It Again

We lost our rears again last night 35-9. But not before I was beaned by a fly ball in the ankle. I just have to try to be a rock star dang it. The team we played were hitters and I'd missed a couple of chances to make some good outs but I was a step too short. So 4th inning I'm on a mission. There's no way any ball is getting past me uh-uh. And it didn't - I stopped it with my anklebone. I wouldn't recommend this. It actually probably was left-center's ball but she was playing really deep so I ran over for it - got there but it went under my glove and hit my left ankle mid stride. Apparently I flipped 3 times before coming to a screeching halt somewhere in center field. The sound it made coupled with the pain really freaked me out - I thought it was broken. I was carried off the field in pro fashion and promptly served a beer and ice for the wound - in that order. I saw the doc today and no broken bones - was just told to stay off it for the next few days. Luckily I have crutches, ice packs and enough ace bandages to secure even the wildest of beasts. Someone's really going to need to explain moderation to me again - in terms I can understand.


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Three strikes: the Acapulco crutches, the Dallas crutches and now the Minneapolis crutches. At least only the first one was about a guy. This is bound to thicken your ankles quicker than life itself.

Yeah there's never any question when I'm playing the game - I pretty much leave it all out there on the field.

Sometimes body parts.

Looks more like all over the map

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