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My friends so over-indulge me!

First, the Wild tromp the Canucks 5-1 at home. I was feeling less of a person for missing the first 2 goals but Emily & I were treated to 3 goals in about 10 minutes when we got to The Bar.

We grabbed the last empty table, ordered our 80 cent taps and cheered for the home team. Emily gave me an adorable Moo notepad and neato gum tin for my birthday. Wendy & Susie arrived shortly thereafter followed by Dan, his roomie Sara and her boyfriend.

Wendy brought adorable little cupcakes and birthday candles and the gang sang Happy Birthday quite well albeit loudly. Jen brought me a humungous birthday shot. 2 strangers asked me if it was my 21st birthday. I was amazed. Especially since I'm the old hag of the group of 23 year olds.

Wendy & Emily bought me a birthday shot with whipped cream. It was great until the whipped cream found its way in my nose.

I had so much fun last night. It was just good clean - well mostly clean - fun.

Birthdays rock.


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Just make sure that on Sat for your b-day that you remember your name. Maybe you should put your name and address on your shirt so you can find your way home after all of the booze

haha - and maybe upside down in case I fall off my barstool!

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