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Won auction for new Sanyo SCP-5300. OK so maybe I didn't NEED a camera phone but it was only $85 more than the phone Dan could sell me. That sounds like so much more in type than it did in my head. Pshh... Matters.

Got quote for new valet key... are you sitting down? $26.99. WHAT?
Valet this.

Made copy of house key so now am officially part of household.

Golfing was fun yesterday with Dad. 69 on the back 9 - struggled on the first 4 holes. But faired better on the front 9 with a 61 (par 38). Not bad for the first time out! Afterwards we went to Claddagh, a new Irish pub in Maple Grove. It was fantastic!

Bowled a 246 on Monday - ridiculous. Not sure what's going on with me, but I'll take it!


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Maybe you should have taken the lojack option instead of the camera. 69 on the back 9. At least its better than 88.

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