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Things I Should Get Rid of But Just Can't

And therefore they are taking up room in a box that I'll eventually have to move, unpack and try to come up with new reasons why I just can't live without them.

  • Silky blue shirt from Spain. I love it on the hanger, but it shows my bra so I won't wear it, but... it's from Spain.

  • Little tiny tank tops I bought when I moved to Minneapolis from Dallas. Sure, they're cute and just about brand new, but at least one of them is so itty bitty I know I'll never have the guts to wear it again, but... they're brand new. Plus I was actually happy with my body then and girls, you know - that comes few and far between.

  • Notebooks, letters and pictures from Jr. High and High school. I mean, do I really want to remember how big of a crush I had on Joe Hall or Anthony LeDuc? More importantly do I need anyone else to remember that? I mean other than whoever reads this completely public website. Or Anthony since I saw him at Urban Wildlife last year and the beer told me to tell him.
    <rolling eyes at self> I just might have embarassed myself into getting rid of said notebooks, letters and pictures.

  • Old planner pages dating back to 1997. Seriously, just because they're in pretty 3-ring-Franklin-sized binders doesn't mean they're not garbage worthy.

    I did however get rid of the Banana Republic pants that were so soft it was certainly illegal because I finally had enough of keeping all of those too small clothes just because they were so cute and nice. That was 6 weeks ago. Now I'm that size again. $%&#@!

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