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I left work early to meet the friendly Mattress Giant delivery people. I stopped at Hackenmeuller's Meat Market in Robbinsdale and bought 10 lbs of ribs and 2 quarts of potato salad. Then off to Cub for BBQ sauce and a disposable roasting pan. I anticipated Kathy, Tim & Kelly joining us all for dinner as Heather & Mike returned from Vegas at 2:45.

I prepared the ribs and put them in at 250 at 3pm. I excitedly deflated the air mattress to prepare for my new bed. Kelly had Heather & Mike home at about 4pm. Heather & Mike left right away to pick up the girls from Kathy & Tim's. When they returned at 5, Heather checked her voicemails. New Hope Bowl had called and our 8 week summer bowling league started in T minus 2 hours. I began to worry that the ribs wouldn't get done in time for bowling. At the same time, Mattress Giant called to let me know they were running late and couldn't make it until 7pm. I'd be bowling. Kelly came through in the clutch and offered to be there for the delivery. 6:15 comes around and the ribs are still not done. We decide to eat after bowling.

Just after we arrived at New Hope, Kelly calls. The box spring will not fit down the stairs. We decided to refuse delivery and exchange it for a 3 piece set. Kelly decided not to stay for dinner since he changed his hours to 6am-3pm and needed his beauty rest also the ribs were still not done.

We bowled.

I was keeping pace with 1 beer every 6 frames (who is this girl???). After 3 beers I decided I should quit since the pins seemed to be moving before my ball hit them.

We came home.

The ribs were finally done. All 10 lbs of them for Heather, Mike, Sam and I.

They were tasty but really fatty. Very disappointed as were meat market ribs. Also meat market priced ribs.

With much sadness, re-inflated air mattress.

Began reading Chosen Prey, a book Heather bought for her trip only to realize she'd already read it. She'd bought 2 books for her trip - 2 days apart. She'd already read both of them! Luckily she had better luck in Vegas by winning $2,000 on her first $2 keno bet. Nice work Vegas queen! I cannot wait until September.

3-piece queen sets are not stocked. Am $100 poorer and will have to wait until Saturday, possibly even next Thursday! I might cry.


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