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Weekend Festivities

Birthday party in Forest Lake or Downtown with Jill and the girls. I'm torn. Really. Forest Lake is free. Downtown is not. Guess I'll let the weather decide. Or maybe I should take a vote.

Tomorrow is Sam and Alex's dance recital - the girls are quite excited. Then Saturday night I get to see Becky! She's about 6 months pregnant and I haven't seen her for almost a year. She's in town for the weekend.

Have a great weekend!

Love and Funnel Cakes,


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Where did you end up going? Forest Lake or Downtown?

Ah yes, I didn't post that adventure on the main page. Instead it belongs on the feeling guilty page.

Maybe this will explain why...

I'm not sure why the link won't open in a new window as I've asked it very nicely to do, but you may have to right click on this and manually open it in a new window for easier reading. Sorry, my HTML is about as good as my German.

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