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A Blessing to Some

I woke up this morning, got ready in the usual way and headed off to work. I thought everything was fine until I tried to belt out the chorus to Everclear's Santa Monica. "We can live beside the ocean..." but only a misguided squeak escaped my throat. So apparently we can't live beside the ocean.

Thanks Everclear for letting me know my voice has escaped me once again.

I've lost my voice 3 times this year already. It's odd for me to lose my voice - good thing too because for a talker like me it's devastating, really.


Shelly, Brent & I went to dinner on Friday. It was great to catch up with them - it'd been over a month! Also I had a sandwich. With cheese! Mmm. I'd forgotten how good cheese was! Then we went bowling. When I got home, Heather & Mike were outside. Since I moved in, I think we've hung out twice. I saw them more when I lived in Roseville!!! We started putting away the brews and told each other ghost stories. With the full moon and it being Friday the 13th, we headed inside to watch some scary movies but alas, Mike fell asleep, I almost did and Heather was enthralled with Howard Stern.

Saturday was Stacy's bachelorette party. There was penis cake, penis silverware, penis straws, and notably, a penis squirt gun. We BBQ'ed and enjoyed the delicacy known as Jell-O shots. We headed downtown and landed at Champps alley. We drank more and then went to Rosens. Jill & I felt kind of out of place but we were having fun talking anyway. We had 1/2 drink left and the group wanted to go outside. We told them we'd finish our drinks and be right out. We did so, brought boys to do some other things for Stacy's checklist and went back in for another drink. The bouncer told us to get plastic cups. Bartender didn't have plastic cups. We ordered anyway and were drinking right by the door. One of the girls from the party walked by us and we said hi. Then about 5 minutes later, I get a phone call. They want to go to Brits. I said, OK hold on we're almost done with our drinks - we'll be right there. Not 2 minutes later, we're outside. They're not. I call them back - they're in a cab on their way to Brits. Nice. We figure screw it - they knew exactly where we were! We went to the Drink. I called Mike to let him know so that when they picked us up they wouldn't worry about us. We hung at the Drink for awhile longer and then decided to go to Brits after all. That would save us a cab ride and we felt bad for getting separated from the group. One of the owners - Freddy - remembers me from the good old days! It was pretty unbelievable - I mean it's been over 5 years! The place was packed and it was back to the way it was before it got pretentious. We found the group and about 4 minutes later all of a sudden, Heather and 3 others are jumping into a cab. We waited around for awhile longer and eventually hailed a cab. $20 later we arrive home. I'm a little ticked & Heather sort of apologizes and then I know I said I wasn't blaming her but I think I voiced my displeasure - I mean you just don't leave people at the bar downtown. Especially not without at least trying to look for them. What really sucks is that I found out yesterday that they changed plans - they'd decided we were taking cabs home before we went out and didn't let us know. I would have driven. Sure I would have had to drink less but I wouldn't have had to spend $20 on a ride home. So maybe going out in groups isn't a good idea after all.

I took my Dad to Champps for brunch for Father's day. Then went up to Shelly's cabin for some water-skiing practice. It's really hard to get up on 1 ski. I can drop 1 OK but not without some wavering. In the end, I borrowed their set of Jr. skis and Shelly's slalom ski for Wednesday. So yeah, I'll be showing up with 3 skis. Gotta love it. Wish me luck, seems I will need it.


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I think it would be better to listen to the person who is "sort of apologizing" instead of bailing out and pretending that it's ok. This is pretty sad to read on the web site. Do me a favor and talk to me not your web site.

Don't mistake the advertising for the product. Reality bears only a slight resemblance to what you read here. The true story is live, real time and offline.

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