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I'm going to have to invest in a luggage tag, fill it out and use it as a bracelet. Either that or stop drinking the Jägermeister. It's a good thing luggage tags are cheap.

Jill & I were supposed to take it easy on Friday to save ourselves for Saturday evening's festivities. I left work an hour early so I could pick her up in Mound for her birthday dinner. I got there at about 5:15. Jill S. had called shortly before I arrived and said she was on her way. She didn't get there until 6:30 and we were starving! Instead of driving to southdale, we decided to eat at the Macaroni Grill on 394. Dinner was fantastic although it had nothing on desert. Afterwards, we decided to go to Fletcher's. Unfortunately, the weather scared off all but 10 of its patrons so we pretty much had the bar to ourselves. The patio was even closed! Enter 1 cute guy, his friend who made an indecent proposal to Jill S., an obnoxious-loud-talker who wanted to go to Narrows and 2 girls, one of which sounded like she may have just gotten back from getting her nose done. We're trying to contain our amusement but I don't think we were successful. I ended up in a pretty deep conversation with cute guy who just bought a boat of which I threatened to force him to let me ski behind. So much for taking it easy. Unless 6 beers is easy. Well I suppose that depends on who you ask. Nevermind.

So Saturday morning I went for a jog to rid myself of the wine-then-beer headache. Mike & I split a Schlotzky's and then I was off to the hotel. I blew up balloons, put the Smirnoffs on ice and snuck in a half hour catnap. Jill, Pam and Mandy arrived just as I finished getting ready. We headed to Friday's for dinner. More yummy food and decadent desserts. Seriously, I haven't had sweets in several months. I thought I was going to pass out from sensory overload. Who needs a man when you've got dessert?? Anyhow, it's worth mentioning that I was wearing a white shirt, the other 3 were in black. All 3 of them have curly blonde hair. I have straight black hair. Those 3 - blue drinks, me - pink drink. Yes it was right out of a classic Sesame Street episode. Jill had called before we ordered our food and said she would be on her way. She was going to park right across the street from Friday's so we told her we'd wait for her there. When she still wasn't there after dessert and another cocktail, we called and she was still a ways out. We tried to make the best of the wait but we kept reminding ourselves of the free booze we had 1 block away. She called as she pulled into the parking garage so we went outside to wait for her. We had to call her again and let her know we were waiting for her outside - it seemed like we'd been waiting forever! Finally back in the room, we kicked off the evening by fixing ourselves a Bitch Fight (Peach Schnapps, Triple Sec, cranberry juice and a splash of lime). We decided to kick off the festivities at The District. I think. It's possible that I have the bar name wrong. It's also possible that I have no idea where we started. Crap, was it the Refuge? Or is that where we ended up? And the #1 reason you know you've had too much to drink? You have no idea where you started or ended up. Good God. Anyway, we saw Jessica Lepinsky and we had fun being girls and dancing to all the songs we knew the words to. Also some songs we didn't know the words to but faked it the best we could. Afterwards we went to Champps - this I know for sure. And then to the Refuge. Or maybe not the Refuge. Can someone clarify this for me please? Jill?!? Anyway, the important part here is that it wasn't Brothers. We proceeded to dance wildly and drink heavily. We also laughed some and had way too much fun. Towards the end of the night, Jill S went to get a drink, Jill H and Pam went to the bathroom, Mandy's talking to someone 5 feet away from me and I was dancing on the dancefloor. All of a sudden I look and Mandy's gone - in fact, everybody's gone. I start looking around and this guy knocks me to the ground and really freaks me out. I get away and find the bouncer, Tony, who Jill knows. I'm crying, and tell him I've lost my friends. He sends me to the bar saying they just got a drink. I walked around twice but couldn't find them. I must have covered every square inch of the bar! I called Jill's cell phone about 50 times but duh, it was in the hotel room. Finally I decide to stand outside the bar and wait for them. Here come Mandy and Jill S. We head back to the hotel where we find Jill and Pam. They'd walked around the bar several times too and thought we'd left so they went to the Drink to continue looking for us. There were a few tears. Jill S. left without saying much. Pam passed out while Jill, Mandy and I devoured a bag of chips and shared sad stories. Good friends are just priceless. I love you guys.

So you'd think that after all of this boozing that I'd have had enough. But no, Mike talked me into having a bloody mary at breakfast. Then Kris encouraged us to tie one on at volleyball. It was a good volleyball outing. We lost 2 out of 3, but we're starting to gel as a team. We stayed after for karaoke. Adam did Baby Got Back. Well even. It was quite a trip.

I'm so not having any beer tonight at bowling. Well maybe just one.


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I think your website ate the last comment I posted. And I couldn't remember what it was. Then it came to me. It was something like: "At least you remember that you forgot. That must be worth a consolation prize."

Unfortunately, I think I did receive that consolation prize. Behind door # 2 was a mammoth-sized headache. Luckily I had aspirin.

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