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Different Shades of Gray

Friday Jill & I went to Brit's for "happy" hour but were overcome by rules of where you can and can't sit. Besides being an old-business-men-on-business-trips-trying-to-hook-up-for-the-night kind of hang out, the whole you-can't-sit-there-if-you're-not-going-to-order-a-$20-entree-even-though-the-bar-is-completely-full-and-there-are-25-open-tables attitude was just too much. I do think the crowd changes over at about 9-10pm but we just didn't have the time to waste fending off advances from short guys. Plus, we just wanted to sit outside!

So we went to the Newsroom. Here we had no problem finding a perfect table on the sidewalk and out of the direct sun. We laughed about our touchy-touchy waiter and enjoyed the cocktails. The bathrooms there are quite interesting. You can see the men as they're washing up. Be careful because they can see you too - don't fluff those boobs too much girls and whatever you do, don't leave without washing your hands - they'll know!

From there we headed to the Local, had cheese/salsa fries outside and more laughs about somethings and nothings.

Saturday, we met at Audio King to get her car stereo installed. We went to Ridgedale and to Applebee's for dinner, picked up her car and headed to her house. I think we started drinking casually at 4. We listened to some good old 80's R&B on the patio and got some sun. We went to Fletcher's at about 9 and then to the Narrows to meet up with Ryan et all at about 11:30 or so. We won't talk about the Chambord, the Midori, the Jägermeister or the lethal combination of them all. We also won't mention that Jägermeister is the devil. And maybe we'll just leave out that it makes us Stupid Drunk Girls (SDG). You know you have a great friend when you can let each other be SDG without the aftermath drama. What would I do without ya, Jill? Well, besides drink too much Jäg??

Yesterday I played softball in Maple Grove. During a tornado watch and torrential downpour. We have white shirts. They had me play 1st base. 1st play, the guy slips and knocks me into the dirt. Not the best way to start. We didn't even finish out the inning although with all of the interruptions, that lasted 25 minutes. I was soaking wet! I met my Mom for dinner at Famous Dave's and we talked for hours which is something we haven't done for far too long.

I have a night off tonight - can't even explain how excited I am about the prospect. Will work out, then relax and meet the girls + Dan for drinks. Yay!


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