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Druken Sailor

For so many things I'll have to make a list.

  • For taking a taste from the Jägermeister bottle before leaving to meet Jill and Jill at the Loon Cafe.
  • For going to Brother's.
  • For leaving Brother's at 11pm thinking it was 12am and that I was beating bar traffic.
  • For being undeservingly proud that I was saving myself drinking more and driving drunker.
  • For that kind of rationalization.
  • For then deciding it was a good idea to drive the 37 miles to Forest Lake after all. Because downtown Minneapolis is so much closer to Forest Lake than Crystal. I mean, like a whole 2 miles.
  • For drinking more Jägermeister at the bonfire.
  • For falling on the deck stairs, spraining my ankle and waking up the neighbors. Hey, really, the deck stairs were weird, you would have fallen on them too if you would have been there, drinking Jägermeister and blinded by the bonfire. Plus it was a full moon. Or else it will be within 30 days.
  • Speaking of moons, for mooning the video camera because there was no light so was confident it wouldn't turn out. It has night vision. It doesn't need light.
  • For sleeping over in a tent in a too small sleeping bag.
  • For drinking about 17 cups of coffee in the morning for medicinal purposes.
  • For going home and taking a nap.

    Yeah. I'm no longer allowed out of the house without supervision.

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    Video camera are nothing to worry about. Watch out for the cell phones. You did say the moon was full.,


    "speaking of moons....video camera...and feeling guilty" Did't you just get a phone with a camera hineingemicht? Think you're the only one? Ever been in a compromising position? Now all your buddies can capture it on film. Full moon or not.

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