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Freak Exerciser

For obsessing about food and over-exercising yesterday.


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no reason to feel guilty about that! Now, if you were obsessing about exercise and then over-eating, that would be a different story......

lol - that's so true!! Thanks - now I feel free to over-obsess to my heart's content :)

How've you been??? I can't get onto your site anymore - firewall's got ya in its web.

I am doing good, - weird about the firewall - does it block all blogspot sites or is it just me? ;-)

All blogspots - in fact all of blogger. It's not just you! Glad to hear you're doing well! Someday I'll get a new PC & maybe even... gasp... a broadband connection. My 133mhz isn't cutting it anymore. You know it's bad when you turn your computer on, make dinner and still have to wait for it to boot up! :)

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