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Got Game?

I met my Dad and his friend Mark for dinner last night. We hit the usual hot spot, the Claddagh in Maple Grove. They have delectable food and fantastic service. Speaking of service, I'm learning that my Dad likes to make friends with the waitresses. My first clue may have been the fact that he knows most of the waitresses at Champps by name although he asks for 3 specifically whenever we go there. So naturally we have a cute waitress named Laurie. He's throwing compliments around, asking if she closes or if she gets cut early, she offers which days of the week she works, we discuss where she lives, her daughter. I was slightly embarrassed. It's possible that's an understatement but Laurie understood. She offered me another table but I explained I had my own car so could escape if truly necessary. We all had a good laugh. When it came time for me to go to softball, I teased Dad - told him he could get back to his game now. How weird is it to witness your parent flirting with someone? <shiver> I shouldn't complain, it was hiliarious.

We lost our game but I've been hitting well. I was all prepared to say "no" if they asked me to play again next week but I caved. I really do want to play it's just that I'd like an 8th day of the week to rest!

After the game I picked up Jill and we went to the Minnetonka Mist for a cocktail on the patio. We watched the sunset and the subsequent lightening clouds. It's hard to believe that with all the time we spend together we never run out of things to say. Also, she lets me vent and validates my feelings. Everyone should have a friend like Jill.

And everyone should take a 1/2 day off today and go water-skiing on Lake Minnetonka. Wish me luck today, I really think I'm going to nail this slalom business. (Thanks Becky for the pep talk!) Either that or else I'll have to impress him with my football throwing skills. Or else just drink. Martinis.


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Maybe Len is thinking about quitting the chicken game and getting back into the restaurant business. He's practicing his interviewing skills.

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