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Hindsight is 20/20. Sometimes it'd be nice if it weren't.

  • Was to meet Danielle & Ben at 6:30-7pm. Couldn't reach them, was in Maple Grove so crashed Dad's dinner party. Fun group of people.
  • Attempted to cleanse system by dousing internal organs with pineapple infused blue raspberry vodka.
  • Went uptown to meet Danielle & Ben at about 10pm.
  • Hung our hats at Williams Pub. Danielle forced us to do shots. Several.
  • Used to hang out at Williams when I was 21. The crowd is still 21. We are not.
  • Went back to D&B's. Ben said something about riding bikes around Lk Calhoun. In our underwear. Thankfully their bikes were too big for me. Unfortunately this means I attempted. Think Fear Factor meets the 3 Stooges.
  • Met friends at Sheiks. Had shirt on inside out after botched biking attempt. Positive this gave the wrong impression. Didn't care at the time. Do now.
  • Went to Becky's baby shower. Was really fantastic to see her - she's absolutely adorable. Also reunited with Jill and Sara - old friends are the best friends!
  • Drove to Mound armed with my liquor cabinet. Arrived with a lot of catching up to do. Caught up in good time.
  • Danced around and sang Baby Got Back. Started at Maynard's. You'll be shocked, but decided to move onto Fletcher's.
  • Eventually made it to Fletcher's. Eventually bar closed. Eventually ended up at Jill's house.
  • Ate rest of pizza and cookie dough. Tasted so good, think will actually make a cookie dough pizza sometime.
  • Woke up, went to breakfast, laid out in sun, played volleyball for 3 1/2 hours. Cannot stay out of dirt. Made serious attempt to refrain from diving but gave up after realizing attempts to abstain might actually be making the situation worse.
  • Sang karaoke. I'm extremely sorry to the Venue's patrons. Also, Happy Birthday Jake!
  • Went to work, rebooted server, fought with backups. Only good thing is have this afternoon off. Will jog, lay out in sun, and maybe sleep until can head to Minnetonka for some skiing and football action. Someday will actually take a weekend easy. Maybe in 2004.

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    Your hilarious and free. You won't stay single long

    Thanks Mike... but this time around I want to stay single for awhile! I've never just dated so I'm having fun with it. I tend to meet someone and date only them until I know for sure it won't work out. That in itself isn't necessarily a bad thing but it makes it easy to get caught up in something that might not be just right. Wish me luck - it's a jungle out there :)

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