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Magnificent And Other Superlatives

What a life. I've experienced "The Lake Effect" first-hand. Oh, it's real! & once it has you in its grip you might as well stop fighting it - resistance is futile. Seriously, it was a perfect day. I never did attempt that slalom but it's just as well. We cruised around for awhile and anchored in calm waters. The intention was to hang for awhile and eventually get around to skiing, but it's easy to lose track of time when the sun is shining and the beer's tasting good. I'm free to do that again anytime. I'd even call in sick to softball, but shhh, don't tell anyone.

So in the end I didn't need any ace bandages or crutches. Instead I introduced my passenger mirror to the tree in the middle of his driveway. Not to worry, it's minor enough that I can still see out of it. Yeah, I'll be backing into the driveway next time. At least then if I hit the tree, the mirrors are designed to flip that way. I scare myself with rationalizations like that.

After the mirror and the tree were acquainted, I went out to Fletcher's with Jill Hyser. Dinner was great and we made plans for the weekend. Jill gets her car stereo installed on Saturday! Then she can rock out to Justin Timberlake on the way to work :) Hahaha


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No ace bandages or crutches? heh. good for you!

You make me want to head to the lake this weekend and, as a matter of fact, I think I will - gotta pick up some Coors Light on the way though, that will make it Official.

Absolutely, the lake effect only works when fueled with Coors Light.

Have fun!

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