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There's Nothing Quite Like

  • Having 1 bathroom between 3 adults, 2 kids and a baby.

  • Having to use said bathroom but Heather was taking a bath.

  • Having to use said bathroom bad enough that I asked if I could intrude.

  • Trying to use said bathroom while she's snickering behind the closed shower curtain at my stage fright.

  • Preferred status at the auto insurance company.

  • Being yelled at by a State Trooper to "Slow Down!" at your exit and just after you had slowed down from 85mph.

  • Escape ticket, thus keeping coveted preferred status at insurance company.

  • Your second cousin who you've seen grow up before your eyes and develop into a beautiful young lady.

  • Her 4-year-old sister who comes running yelling, "Cari's Home Cari's Home!!!" and gives the biggest bear hug a 4-year-old can give every time I come home.

  • Your Godchild's remarkable smile.

  • Cute boys that actually call you before you expect them to and are completely polite and endearing.

  • Waking up and feeling sexy.

  • Friends that you've known forever, that know you like the back of their hand and love you anyway.

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    There's nothing quite like over-used phrases like, "there's nothing quite like..."

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