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Uptown Girl

Am meeting my friend Danielle and her hubby Ben tonight for dinner and drinks. Am excited as haven't seen her since she was an unmarried single gal like me! Also has been about forever and a day since I went out on a weekend night in uptown. Berger reunites with the old stomping grounds, this could be dangerous :)

Saturday is Becky's baby shower - can't wait to see her! And Mandy is coming up from Mankato so will likely spend afternoon drinking margaritas or other refreshing beverages at Jill's. Will try to avoid Fletchers.

Sunday = waterskiing or golfing or sunbathing, but definitely volleyball. Unfortunately, I have to do a little work on Sunday evening but this enables me to take Monday afternoon off which = more skiing and sunbathing. This I can handle.

Have a great weekend!


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