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$699 Round-trip to Asia + free flights between 17 cities

Holy CRAP, I want to GO!
$699 for up to 21 days? Plus free travel between such cities as: Bali, Seoul, Singapore, and Tokyo??!? Unbelievable.

As Margaret Berry says, "SARS be damned, I'd be on a plane right now if I didn't have some cake tastings and dress fittings to tend." Except that I don't have cake tastings and only 1 dress fitting to attend. Only lack of funds, volleyball, softball and well, really it's just the lack of funds. Boo.


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And I thought one of the pros of basement living was increased positive cashflow. At least you saving money on ferret food.

And it has. It has also increased the desire to be out which costs money. And there are plans for Vegas in September, North Carolina/East Coast in October and lots of 5K's in-between. Plus we can't forget about the beer! I figure if I stop drinking, I'd lose too much weight. So really, it's a balanced part of my diet :)

Sounds like you need an expense account .......or someone that has one

That would be nice! I may have a short-term opportunity in the UK so perhaps that will become a reality. The prospect of working overseas is really exciting, but at the same time, I love being here. I love the sports, the Vikings, my friends. I feel like I'd be giving up an equally important and exciting opportunity if I leave right now. At any rate, I'm over-thinking this as the project is in the proposal stages and might not even happen. It's good to dream though :)

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