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And It Was Fabolous

As you may know, I'm on IR. But I was going to support the team from the sidelines last night and have dinner with Jill at Acapulco afterwards. I went for a jog after work and when I returned to my car, I found that Susie had called. They had an extra ticket to the Rock the Mic (Star Party) concert! I talked to Jill and she understood - I just couldn't turn down a free ticket! So I boogied home, cleaned up and made my way downtown to meet them at Champps. I got to know the group over a beer and it seems I may produce the photo slide show/movie for Stacy and Brian's wedding. Would be really great experience for me and cheap for them. Brice arrived and we made our way to the Target Center.

We missed Fabolous and Sean Paul, but Snoop had just started when we found our section. Had a blast singing along to Gin and Juice. I'd never seen this kind of stuff live - was really impressed. 50-cent came on next. I had no idea how freaking beautiful he is! Wow. And he put on quite the show. We stayed for most of Jay-Z and made our way to a new club on Block E (I think it was called Escape). KG was there. It's a posh club; be ready to experience the playa's and pretenders. Also it was a $15 cover and I think weekends may be $20. Good people watching though!

I left at midnight, grabbed McDonalds on the way home and was in bed by 1am although you'd never know it. I'm so tired!

Jill & I are having dinner at the Sunshine Factory tonight and then either to Minneapolis for the Block Party or St. Paul, or the burbs, or... Just not Minnetonka, well maybe :) haha

Have a great weekend! The weather is supposed to be beautiful. Tomorrow is my Grandma's birthday as well as Samantha's birthday celebration. They're going bowling! Sunday is my Grandpa and aunt Sandy's birthday barbecue and then I have a volleyball get-together. Summer session starts on the 29th - we're playing downtown. Can't wait! Just hope the wrist holds up.


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