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Hazing Holiday

If I didn't know any better, I might believe I've just been through a hazing. Yikes.

Wednesday at the Waterfront

I picked Jill up after work and headed straight for Chipotle in St. Paul. We arrived at 4:07pm. They close at 4pm. What?! Disgusted, we called Mike for another suggestion since he works in the area. He pointed us to Cosseta's. We had penne with pesto which was good albeit swimming in olive oil and guaranteed to clog at least 3 arteries. We began walking towards Harriet Island keeping our eyes peeled for the "trolleys" promised by the Taste of MN website. We finally saw one when we arrived in the midway. We headed over to the Drive 105 stage for Tim Mahoney. It was hot. The kind of hot that makes you wish clothing were optional. He played some of his old songs mixed in with the new. I don't know any of his new stuff and it seemed neither did most of the crowd. It would have been much more enjoyable if our feet weren't throbbing and our skin not melting. We walked around the food stands and decided to treat ourselves to ice cream, Martha's cookies and a pickle wrap. We caught some of the Wallflowers and then gave into our agonizing feet and headed back to the car. We met up with Emily, Wendy, Susie and Dan at Bentley's at 10. Wendy and Chad are engaged!! Her ring is absolutely beautiful, but it has nothing on the glow and that million dollar smile she had when she told us the news. Chad joined us eventually as did some of the usual crew. At about midnight, I brought Jill to her park-n-ride and went back to Dan's for a few more. He has a new kitten so we had fun antagonizing him. I think I hit the couch at 3am.

Thirsty Thursday

You know it's bad when you know you had to get up early on Thursday but can't for the life of you remember why. I just know I meant to get up at 7, ended up "sleeping in" until 8:30 and headed home. The morning is a little blurry but I know I went for a run because it was extremely hot - to the point where halfway through my run I thought I was going to be sick. Met Jill for lunch at Chipotle (I will NOT be denied). Even writing about it makes me want it now! OK enough already, ate way too much and headed home, then to pick up the water-skis. Afterwards, went to Jill's for some sunbathing action. Cleaned up and headed to Ridgedale at 6. Jill called en route and happened to be heading the same direction. We met up at Marshall Fields. Did some damage and ate at the Big Bowl (v. excellent). The Mai Thai made us want more so we went to Fletcher's. We were taking it easy since we had a big weekend ahead of us. We didn't end up taking it easy after all. Word to the wise: Never, and I mean ever, start a tab at Fletcher's. So we ran into Ryan's group. Talked to John and Dave from the UK awhile and then they headed to the Narrows. Shortly thereafter we ran into the group we met on Memorial Day which happened to be my first Fletcher's experience. We closed the bar down and since they live 3 doors down from Jill, joined them for an after-bar refreshment. Luke's brother was hitting on me pretty hard core and wouldn't let up even to talk about football. The routine was getting tiring so I decided to go home which translated into going to dumbass's. Only thing I can say is it's gotten out of hand. I had fun, but I'm not myself when I'm around them so I've done a gut check. No time for the drama. I'm realizing that if you look hard enough, you see what you want to see and that can work for you as much as against you given the situation.

Freaky Friday

Slept through alarm. Was supposed to be helping Chad move. Called and left messages but didn't know where they were so instead went home and ran the cobwebs off. Headed up to Grandpa's, ate way too much again and played Taboo with Shari and Mom. Watched fantastic fireworks display thinking it was the real deal only to find out it was a private party's work. They must have spent 10 K I'm serious. Think grand finale for 35 minutes straight. When the festival's fireworks began we were torn between which set to watch! I headed home at about 11. Heather & Mike's party was well underway. In fact, Mike crashed about 5 minutes after I got there. Heather lasted another hour and I stayed up until about 4:30am with Shannon, Dana and his girlfriend. Dana is a wildman riot. Seriously, need a good laugh? Invite him over. I have pictures to prove it.

Sipping Saturday

Got to Jill's at 10:15, headed to Mandy's lakehome in Darwin, MN. Ate lunch, went on a boat ride, floated in the water, played some volleyball, pontoon ride/cooler dancing. Mad fun. Lots of food, beer and laughter. Is there any more to life? I think not. Us kids went to the VFW for some dancing, drinking and country boy spoiling. Mandy bruised her knees doing her signature dancing move (really it's not as bad as it might sound) and I did 2 flips on the dance floor. Why? Why? Why? Scott was such a great sport. Not only was he a non-complaining-sober-cab, he was out there dancing and carousing with the rest of us. What a guy! When we arrived home, Jill and I stayed up until 3 talking to Mandy's Mom. They're just a hoot - what a wonderful family. Have had just excellent company this holiday.

Sober Sunday

Crap, I'd almost forgotten what it felt like to be sober! But seriously, Jill & I left at about noon and headed to her parents to burn some CDs. Afterwards we had dinner at the Claddagh and actually made it an early night! I got home and did laundry, went for a run and much needed sit-ups/weight lifting.

And here we are at Maddening Monday. Have a 3pm doc appointment to check out the wrist. Pain is pretty bad now and several people have suggested it might be a stress fracture. Please pray for me as I cannot afford to have a stress fracture. Don't they realize I have 2 softball games this week and a volleyball tournament on Sunday? Sheesh!

Hope you all had a great 4th - hope someone got some sleep for me!!!


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