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Jazmine & Asti

I found a good home for Jazmine and Asti (Thank you Doug for putting me in touch with Brandon!). Kelly helped me prepare them and bring them to Brandon's last night. He is an avid animal lover and will be able to give them the love and attention they deserve.

They seem happy in their new place and comfortable. In fact, even with the commotion, the smells of a new place, a new dog and a McCaw, they were more interested in eating and drinking than anything else!

I miss them. Their corner is bare and empty. Last night when I was doing my crunches I still heard them running around in their playpen even though I know they weren't there. But they'll be happier with more attention and love and I will be happier without my sniffles and guilt for not being around enough. I can't say I will miss cleaning out their litter box daily, but I will miss their company.

I hope they know that I love them and wish I could have kept them. Boo.


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You're more than welcome! I'm always happy to help friends in need. Yes, Brendan has a real passion for animals. He always has during the last 10 years I've known him. What you did was a perfectly unselfish act; thinking of the critters and their welfare. Did you say you're allergic to them? Last fall and winter, I spent a lot of days and nights at Brendan's house and suffered a nasal infection during that time. I've been breathing easy since the last time I was at his house a couple months ago.


Hi Doug,

Brendan seemed like a great guy - I'm so thankful. I left not having to worry about the animals' well-being. Yeah, it's the weirdest thing - I was fine the first year & 1/2 but within the last 3 months, I started to get the sniffles and a cough when I'm around them. Those pretty much go away as soon as I leave the room, but I get a sinus headache that lasts awhile. It's not fair that our bodies play these tricks on us!

Thanks again and take care! You'll have to go over to Brendan's and see the ferrets sometime!


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