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Party Animal

Well life has just turned into one big party. Can you have too much fun? I suppose so as it's true that nothing is free. I'm paying in the form of a hurt wrist and morning headaches 2 days in a row. Thankfully they never last long. So here's the usual catch-up routine in case you're interested in reading about the general mayhem I've caused in the past 5 days.

Thursday marked the last regular season softball game. I was a little excited for the finale. Well maybe more like ecstatic. It was a 9pm game so we all met at Acapulco for some pre-game refreshments. It was us girls and one of the vendors, Theresa. Not only was she a riot, but she also picked up the tab. Was really quite sweet of her. I felt terrible as I ordered dinner (nobody else did) and she refused to accept my money. Turns out she went to college with Christy Love of Boogie Wonderland for which my friend Lonnie plays lead guitar. They rock.

Jill and I had dinner at Maynard's on Friday and then headed to Fletcher's and onto Bayside's. Bayside's is the place to be people. Really - off the hook. Ran into Ryan & Dave. Surprised Dave's still here from the UK, but could gladly listen to him talk all night long. We went back to Jill's, finished off the Maynard's leftovers and crashed at about 2:30. I headed home, went for my run (shaved 8 minutes off of my time!) and then to Mom's for Chrissy's graduation party. She's just adorable. Also the food was ridiculously fantastic. Mom & I went to Brookdale where she forced me to buy a $28 tank top and 2 pair of pants at the Gap. We also stopped at Old Navy. I was astonished to find that their pants were $10 more than the Gap pants I bought! It's insanity. Afterwards I took Mom on her maiden voyage to Chipotle (I know you're shocked). I got home just in time to freshen up and get to Susie's. We picked up her friend and went up to the Bird. Was mad fun. I've heard mixed things about the Bird but the crowd was great and the drinks were cheap. Even did a little foam dancing. Am so glad have camera phone. Definitely worthwhile. Did I mention that the DJ was hot?

Spent the night on Susie's floor, headed home and laid out in the sun for awhile, then headed over to Kathy & Tim's for their annual Whiz Bang Days picnic. Also spent an hour at the carnival with Heather, Mike and the girls. Got hit on by carnies. One even let Mike win a huge pink monkey. Not sure why he insisted on pink, but I guess sometimes it's best just not to ask :) But seriously, he did try to talk the girls into Clifford the Red Dog, but he lost. Onward to Irondale for my Great-aunt Grace's 89th birthday party. Saw extended family that I haven't seen in ages. Was so good to catch up. Really must spend more time with John and Joe. They're simply great company. And then there was Be-Bops. We won our first volleyball match, but lost our second to Buffalo Wild Wings. Heidi, Bill, Jake and I headed into the Venue for some celebratory cocktails and scooby snacks. I ended up closing the night out by hanging out with "the enemy" (i.e. Buffalo Wild Wings). They're a fun group. Alana & I exchanged numbers. I now have 2 single girlfriends!

And so, I survived another weekend. Without hurting myself even! Forgot to mention, saw the Hearing Officer regarding the traffic ticket on Friday. As long as I don't have another violation within 1 year, I'm in the clear. Shouldn't be an issue, but please wish me luck anyway.

Hope you have a great week! Stay out of trouble - if you don't, there won't be enough left over for me to get into!


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I spent wizbang daze in Calistoga. Its not quite robbinsdale but the weather is a little more consistent and carnies are in the tasting rooms.

We've been very fortunate this year. Weather's been perfect. I can only recall 1 rainy weekend this summer, yet there have been enough weeknight thunderstorms to keep the grass green and the sleep comfortable. So consistent enough so you can make big outdoor plans, but not enough to be boring. Gotta love Minnesota. That is until January :)

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