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Party Like You Were Born on the 4th Of July

Wow. It's already Wednesday! Jill & I are going to the taste of MN tonight - it's a beautiful day! We're going to abstain from the Everclear like last time :) (Although I do have some J䧠in the trunk) Tim Mahoney, here we come!

Also I think we might eat dinner at Chipotle... my mouth waters at the thought!

I have tomorrow and Friday off (yay!). Likely play golf tomorrow morning and maybe the river, maybe Minnetonka, maybe... Friday morning I'm helping my friend Chad move into his new house (congrats!) and Friday afternoon I'm off to my Grandpa's in Elk River and maybe to Shelly's cabin afterwards for some skiing! Saturday, Jill & I are heading to Mandy's for some volleyball and liquor consumption. Will be mad fun. If all goes well, I may not be back until Monday.

So until then, I hope you all have an extraordinarily fun but safe 4th of July!


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Have a great 4th Cari!!

Thanks Jason! I hope you had a fun 4th too! I checked your website a few days ago - it seems we're reading the same author! I'm reading Chosen Prey. It's kind of cool because he writes about places I've been to! My cousin Heather turned me onto it.

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