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Speed Racer

Well I did it! The 5K went well. My goal was 25:00 and my official time was 25:30. I'm happy with my push at the end, but I finished knowing I could have pushed harder, sooner. I should definitely be able to improve on that. Also, in the beginning, they asked everyone to line up where they think they'll finish. Mind you that there were over 900 people running this year and I was unsure of what to do. I ended up in the back quadrant of people so it took me 15 seconds just to get to the start line! Then, another quarter mile to pass people and get with the group running at my pace. It was loads of fun. Lots of great people watching! It cracked me up because sometimes I hate the muscles in my legs, but seeing so many other runners made me realize I just have runners' legs and even that they're not all bad. Now if I could only add about 3" to my height I'd be set :) I looked back on 2001's event and my time came in 50th out of 294 - that's the top 17%! I'm pretty amazed.

Next 5K I'm going to do is for the Twin Cities Marathon on Saturday, October 4th. Any joiners? I could really use a running partner! C'mon, you know you want to do it...


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