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We Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday

Jill & I took Brian out to Billy's and then to the Wild Onion on Friday. We even got him to show us his fabulous white-boy dance. We returned to Brian's, consumed 1 bowl of Pops cereal and a Papa John's pizza slice. Why does pizza have to taste so excellent at 1am?

Saturday morning, I went for a 5 mile run and then to my Grandma's for her birthday. We talked for over a half hour and then I made it back home for Samantha's 9th birthday party (it's her actual birthday today!). She and 7 of her friends had a bowling party at New Hope Bowl. A pizza lunch and Woullet birthday cake with bowling pin/ball candles were included. After the party, Heather and I headed to my friend Randy's for his annual birthday kegger. We attempted playing horseshoes, lost 21-2 and took solace in the chips and salsa. Turns out Heather's former Perkins GM plays softball with Randy, so they spent some time catching up. Emily & Luke joined us for awhile as did Jill. We went back to my place and watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I only made it to the poker-game-love-fern scene, but Jill was a trooper until the end.

I went to my Grandpa's in Elk River on Sunday for his and my aunt Sandy's birthday celebration. My family rules. They even bought low-fat snacks and veggies and dip for me. Not sure if low-fat really matters when you consume that many Pringles, but pssh, matters. Sunday night, I met Jill and Pam at Chili's for dinner and then Blondies for a cold 2-for-1 and live music. We missed the live music and the 2nd beer got warm, but the conversation was good!

5 birthdays in 2 days, not bad!

Tonight, I have to go for a run. I'm going to try to fit in 3.5 miles. I can't push too hard or I'll pay for it on Wednesday. I can't believe the 5K is coming up in 2 days - I'm pretty anxious about it. Especially since I never made it out to the lakes for a real practice run. I have no idea how fast I should be running these miles. Plus I don't have a sports watch or stop watch. I might have to hit Target tonight, I really need to be able to pace myself.


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where do you go jogging at? I really need to get back into it! but I cant find a nice park.

I usually just jog around my neighborhood, but if that routine gets boring, the Twin Cities are a great place to run. It's actually voted the #2 location in the nation!

My favorite is the lake chain in uptown. Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet are both about 3.2 miles around and Lake of the Isles is about 2.9 I think. My personal fave is Lake of the Isles - less traffic and quiet. Better people watching at Calhoun. You can visit the Uptown YMCA (Hennepin and 28th) for detailed maps and a "create-your-own" running path maps. Also there are tons of parks around. Minnehaha Park, Fort Snelling (5-K), Summit Ave in St. Paul. Check the city's Park and Rec board for information about your local suburb parks.

Good luck!

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