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Fantasy Football

I had 8th pick of 12. By the time I was up, all of the top-notch running backs were gone. I had Marvin Harrison queued up but the guy before me grabbed him. Terrell Owens was next on my list but I went with Moss to stay true to the purple. More running backs went and TO was still available 2nd round so I drafted him. I picked up Peyton Manning in the 4th round. That's ridiculous! I didn't really need a QB since one of my keepers is Chad Pennington in round 12, but Manning is an absolute steal in round 4. Overall I feel good about my team. My running back squad isn't going to carry any weight although Amos Zeroue could produce some big numbers. At least I have some good trade options if they really tank.

14 days until kick-off!!


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