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Just Good Clean Fun

I didn't quite make it to my 10 beer quota on Friday, but it was close. We played darts at Danielle & Ben's and headed to Famous Dave's for some live entertainment and BBQ. On the way back to their place I noticed there are several large signs that depict a person riding a bicycle with a bold red line through it. In gigantic letters it says, "Absolutely No Bike Riding on Sidewalk." We laughed. I figure they put those signs up after the infamous biking adventure :) We watched Super Troopers and I made it half-way through Office Space. I've tried watching that movie about 100 times. It's not that it's not as hilarious as it promises to be, it's just that I keep attempting it at 3am.

I had to leave bright & early to pick up Jill and head out to Fergus Falls. It was fun to spend time with Brad & Becky. Adam and his girlfriend were there - it's a good thing he's a good sport because he makes himself an easy target :) The weather was kind of crappy - cloudy and breezy but the food was excellent! Also we stopped at Chipotle in St. Cloud our our return trip. Everything's better laced with their hot sauce! We had a blast singing along with the radio and just being girls. I played volleyball until all hours of the night on Sunday and met Steph & Martos for Steph's birthday dinner yesterday. Jayden is getting so big! He's got the most beautiful eyes and he's such a good baby. They got a minivan - it's a Honda - it's beautiful too. Yep, they're a full-on family now!

Today, I'm taking Samantha out for lunch for her birthday and tonight is volleyball downtown! I'm looking forward to celebrating our W's at Rosen's with beer and chicken wings. Seriously, they beat out Champps wings.

On the work front, I resolved the server issues and have managed to avoid public humiliation for rebooting the customer servers on Friday.

Life is good.


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