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Local News Worthy

After the Friday night softball game was won, Mom and I headed to Hudson. We stopped for dinner at the IHOP - their Country Griddle Pancakes have got to be illegal. I'm not allowed to run races anymore. I'm a total bottomless pit the day before. It's ridiculous! I got up at 6am, had a bowl of cereal and we headed to the races. It was hot. The worst kind - not only was there no breeze but it was incredibly humid. I didn't drink enough water - in fact I didn't have any water the night before or in the morning - I won't make that mistake again! After the first mile I didn't think I was going to make it! I actually considered walking after 2 miles. Even with the heat and the hills, I ended up improving by about a minute - 24:37! I made top 20 overall and was the 11th female. I was 5th in my age group. The best part of the whole thing was breakfast? the race director recommended San Pedros. It was unbelievable! Cool building, excellent food, awesome service. The whole 9 yards. I'd even make the trip just to eat there again!

Jill, Mandy, Scot, Ryan and I met up at Gabe's at 3:30. We headed up to the Saints game at 6 - in plenty of time for us to get our Randy Moss hood ornaments. Instead of everyone carrying their prize, I asked for a bag at the souvenir stand. They handed over a bright red bag that said BIOHAZARD all over it. That's strangely appropriate. We had fun heckling the players and beer always tastes great in the ball park! Channel 5 news interviewed me about the hood ornaments. For about 5 minutes I'm not kidding. I'm not even sure what all I said other than making some digs on Moss. When I came into work on Monday, one of the guys remodeling our building stopped me and asked me if the Saints won on Saturday? yeah I think it's bad when complete strangers recognize you. Worse yet, one of our VP's came by and quipped, "Should I be asking you for your autograph?" He left saying that it looked like I was having a good time. Tell me, does that mean I sounded drunk??? I should have been more prepared to take some heat for this as Ryan & I left the game early and headed downtown. We were hanging out at Brother's with his friends and saw me, in living color, on the big screen. Now I wish it would have had sound so at least I'd know what ridiculous things they used! We eventually made our way to Rosen's and heated up the dance floor the rest of the night. After such a workout we replenished ourselves with Pizza Luce. Ryan's a lot of fun. We have a lot in common such as volleyball (how we met), running and fantasy football. He makes me laugh and well, he's hot.

Sunday was Hoosier Daddy's first game. We played on turf!! We lost by 5 but we played well considering we didn't get a chance to practice! I went up to BeBops after the game - we lost our games but we had a good time playing for fun afterwards. It's amazing how much the play improves when there's no pressure and everyone's relaxed and having fun.

Yesterday was my student orientation at St. Scholastica. I got a laptop and my schedule - I'll be taking C++ and Psychology in 2 weeks! I'm excited to get back to it, but not so thrilled about the time sacrifice. I'm worried about finding time to study in between 2 softball leagues, 2 bowling, volleyball, basket class and 2 nights of school. Hmm, more activities than there are days in a week. This ought to be interesting.

Tonight is my fantasy football draft. I still haven't gotten together my player rankings but I have a good idea of what's going on so I think I'll be OK. I can't do much worse than last year so there isn't too much pressure! Wish me luck...

Hope you're all having a good week! I'm busy as usual as you might have guessed by yet another super long post - this one only took me 2 days to write though so I'm improving :) Somebody sleep for me!!!


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