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I've been so incredibly busy today. Multi-tasking has gotten the best of me.

I was finishing a memo while dialing in to check my voicemails. When the voicemail picked up, I said, "Hello?"

I have been charged with applying hotfixes to our Windows servers to resolve a security vulnerability announced a couple of weeks ago. I carefully applied said patch to our Terminal Server expecting it to ask me if I wanted to reboot after installation. I was going to say "no" since it's scheduled to reboot tomorrow morning. After installing the patch, a message box popped up that said, "Installation Successful. Click OK to restart the system." There were no other options. I tried clicking the "X" on the pop-up but the darn thing rebooted. Repercussions were minimal, however, as you can imagine this wasn't my idea of a good time.

At about 8:45 I was asked if I could configure one of our customer's server groups to gracefully shut-down in case of power failure. They're cutting power to an adjacent building and there's speculation that it might inadvertently affect us. I'm in charge of the scripting/programs in which to do this so I said no problem. I was thinking there might be 4-5 servers. There are 24. The most important are the UNIX servers as the NT boxes generally come back up without a problem. Cold crashed UNIX boxes are more likely to come up with hardware/config issues. So I started at it. It took me about 90 minutes to work through the scripting and then it was time to test. I was to invoke the powerdown script, verify it was working and then invoke the powerreturn script which would cancel the shutdown process. The powerdown script worked beautifully. Unfortunately, the powerreturn script calls for PKILL to cancel the shutdown. PKILL is a feature of Solaris 7 - they're on Solaris 2.6. Yeah, I rebooted the production server without warning.

I've managed to reboot 2 production servers by mistake today.

I'm going to require 5X that number of beers tonight.

Good thing I'm going out with Danielle, Ben and Brian! Calhoun may never be the same.

Have an excellent weekend. Mine will be fantastic if not just because it will be a thousand times better than today! Tomorrow AM Jill and I are heading up to Brad & Becky's cabin for some jet-skiing/skiing/pontooning/floating/sunning action. We're becoming cabin junkies!


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