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What Happened to Wednesday and Thursday??

Holy crap I've been busy. And I'm always busy so it's more like manic.

I let Sam know over the weekend that it was her choice for lunch on Tuesday. Heather tried to call me to warn me about Sam's decision, but I hadn't heard my phone ring en route to the house... When I got there, she explained that Jeremy & Mitchell suggested Red Lobster. Sam thought that sounded good, but wasn't sure if that was in our price range. So she came up with Old Country Buffet. I don't have anything against buffets - in fact I'm excited to be in a bowling tournament on Sunday in Eden Prairie not because of the chance at the $2,000, but because that means lunch at the Great Mandarin buffet afterwards. The problem with OCB, is that well, it's not chinese food. It's also not seafood. And so in the end, I (we) decided it was worth the extra cash for crab legs. We were not disappointed!

I think I may have to have a shellfish lunch every Tuesday as the volleyball courts treated me quite well. Afterwards, we had wings and beer at Rosen's as promised. There were 4 of us drinking and we managed to drain 5 pitchers. Also, it was my fault as for some reason beer was going down like water. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the ball playing or Scott's joke telling talents. Nor our Magic Stick duet. Seriously that guy is a riot. Ben administered his famous, possibly recently retired, sobriety test. It consists of a swift smack to the forehead to gauge the person's reaction time and coordination. I passed the test, but due to the minor whiplash I'd acquired while diving for a ball, it hurt my neck bad enough to cause tears to well up. I got ice and felt better about 20 minutes later. Looking back on it, it's a good thing he did said test as surely it had sobered me up and after consuming a pitcher of beer myself, I probably needed the jolt. Managed to get to work shortly after 9 which is good considering the pitcher of beer and late late night watching Monty Python.

I went to the Team in Training meeting on Thursday. It's kind of a cool program and would be a great help in training for a marathon, but you have to raise $4700 in order to go to Hawaii for the race. The thing is, if you don't raise that much, you lose out on the whole deal and they get to keep the money. It's for a great cause, but I have too much on my plate as it is without having to fundraise like a mad woman and train for the 26.2 miles in December. Also, I'm not sure if I'm really wanting to be that "good" during the holidays. The most intense training would be happening over Thanksgiving. Plus, I think I'd rather train on my own which would really make the accomplishment mine. I can always do Hawaii next year.

After the meeting I went to Jill's and had her Mom's spaghetti and margaritas. It was so good! I even got leftovers!!! We made a pre-trip bitch fight... note to self: next time do the mixing after adding the ice - holy crap they were strong. We went to Baysides and enjoyed the perfect weather by the water.

Notable exchanges:

  • Guy who insisted I was Betsy - who was the reason his friend and his wife wouldn't come out that night. Seemed he was implying something happened between this "Betsy" and his "friend". I'm using quotes because I'm pretty sure neither existed. The guy's friend was looking at him disapprovingly. He introduces himself and I shook his hand saying, "I'm Betsy." The joke was wasted on him as he actually became defensive and put out. It's amazing this guy's single! I'll bet there are Betsy's everywhere in search of a guy with awful pick up lines and no sense of humor.
  • We escape the Betsy guys and find a table. Guy asks if he can sit with us for 1 beer of which he has a full one. There are 6 chairs, 2 of us, we say sure. He explains he is a former carpenter, current set designer of some sort. He's quite consumed with himself, even more than he is with Jill. He still hasn't taken even a sip of his beer. I start to devise a plan to knock over said beer to rescue friend in need.
  • He no later leaves when another guy introduces himself and starts up a conversation. That is if you can call it that. It seemed we spoke another language. He left after a few minutes.
  • Jill and I were consumed in conversation when this 30-something gal sits down and explains that she has a cute friend who would really like to talk to us, would it be OK for him to sit down. It was guy #3. So he sits down and asks us what we're doing there. We explain we came for a cocktail. He counters saying that everybody comes for some reason and inquires again. I explained in no uncertain terms that not everyone is looking for something or has ulterior motives. He tries to say that's not what he meant but he manages to ask the question again. And again. He was such a bonehead he even made Jill want to go and that's pretty rare.

    We escaped, laughed all the way home and expressed our excitement to get our place downtown. We're looking at the first one on Tuesday!

    Tonight is Danielle and Ben's reception at Rush Creek. It's going to be a great time! Tomorrow I see Becky and Amy Rorvick (yay!) and then an afternoon of bridesmaids' dress shopping with Wendy and her girls. Jill & I will be hanging out by the lake again into the wee hours of the morning I'm sure. Sunday begins the bowling tournament - wish me luck! It starts at 10am in Eden Prairie so I talked my Mom into meeting me at the Great Mandarin for the best Chinese Buffet since LeeAnn Chin's Bonaventure. Then it's 2pm at New Hope! Wish me luck! I'm playing volleyball at Be-bops again on Sunday night. This time I will try not to stay out quite so late.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

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