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Let the Games Begin

Friday night, Ryan & I met up at Doolittles for dinner. I've had such bad luck with restaurants lately. We ordered nachos to start and put our food order in about 5 minutes later. The nachos didn't come for over a half-hour! They weren't even good but they probably would have been had they come out when they were ready and not 15 minutes later. We were thinking our food was going to come out immediately afterwards but 20 minutes passed and still nothing! We had to ask the server to check on it twice. So it's 7:55 and we're finally eating - my game starts at 8:30. Luckily, the sandwich was pretty good - otherwise there may have been some fists thrown (haha), but seriously, the waiter didn't even apologize or take anything off the bill. Pretty sad.

I ended up meeting Ryan, Tim & Josh at Old Chicago after my game. We had a great time. We played some Golden Tee - I got my ass kicked but my putts were money! They have the internet there but it's pretty much worthless - they have everything blocked. I mean what good is the internet at the bar if you can't pull up the Miller Light commercial?? The crazy girl who was hitting on Tim is worth mentioning. She comes by and asks where he's from - he says Eagan, she asks if he knows "so and so", he says no, but Josh thinks he might know him. Half kidding, Josh says, "why is that your boyfriend?" She says, "no, he's my ex." She quickly adds, "but I'm so over him." I love that the first thing out of her mouth is about her ex but she's feverishly trying to get with Tim. I'm lauging and she's saying that I'm jealous because girls get jealous you know of other girls talking to their guys. So apparently, they're my guys now. I had no idea I was such a lucky gal! We just about closed the bar down and then Ryan & I watched 8 Mile.

Saturday afternoon, I met my Mom, and my aunts at the Coon Rapids VFW. My Grandpa was being honored as a charter member as 50 years ago, he and my Grandma were part of the group that started that Post. It was a really nice ceremony - they talked about the war and what these men and women went through and what starting the post has done for the community and its veterans. I'm proud of my Grandpa anyway, but it made me that much prouder. I had a tear in my eye almost all afternoon! They unveiled a monument and had a 21 gun salute followed by taps. It was a great honor. I had to leave before the food was served, but am so glad I was able to witness the ceremony. He's such a great man.

Ryan got to the house at about 6:30 and we headed to my friend Craig's barbecue in Lino Lakes (the softball party has moved to next weekend). Ryan helped Craig put up the movie screen and we stayed warm by the fire and caught up with a few of my former Norwest colleagues. Afterwards, we headed uptown to meet Tim and his friend Gretchen at Williams. We drove by the new apartment on the way - things are moving right along! I can't wait to move! We played some pool and then headed to Famous Dave's for some music. When they closed, we went to Chino Latinos and had some great fare. Seriously the tacos are excellent. Ryan & I attempted watching The House on Haunted Hill but we both fell asleep. I'm pretty jumpy at scary movies; who am I kidding, I'm very jumpy at scary movies and he kind of figured I was out when I wasn't moving at all. Probably just as well as really shouldn't watch those kinds of movies while living in the basement.

Sunday is all about football. Well that and taking naps. I went for a long run and then to volleyball. We ate at Be-Bops but the flies eventually drove us out - we watched the Vikings beat the Bears at Main Event in Fridley. So he's survived bowling and a football game with me - he's doing great so far, wouldn't you say?

It's another full week this week - school tonight, basket class tomorrow, school Thursday, softball Friday. Saturday we're probably going to my softball picnic, then to a pig roast at his neighbor's and finally to Wilmar for Josh's brother's wedding reception. Should be a good time!

Hope you have a great week!

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