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I love Octoberfest.

Not only does it encourage beer consumption, but bars have Warsteiner Dunkel on hand. It's like chocolate!

We had fun at Old Chicago - we tried 4 of their Octoberfest brews by which I was reminded that dark beer is stronger than lite beer.

I have an 8:30 softball game tonight - it's going to be so cold! After freezing my ass off, Ryan & I might see Underworld or something. Tomorrow I have to do homework and then a group of us is going to Gastof's for their Octoberfest Tent party. More Warsteiner Dunkel - can't wait! Sunday, the Vikes will be 4-0 and hopefully Hoosier Daddy will rack up their 2nd win. Monday, Ryan, Randy, Sherry & I are going to bowl like pros and take all 7 points. Either that, or drink and laugh a lot. I'll try not to get my ball stuck on my hand again.

Have a fun weekend! Stay out of trouble. If you absolutely can't help yourself, just don't get caught.

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