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I'm such a geek.

It took almost a week, but Jeepers Creepers finally managed to get me.

After school last night, I went for a run around the neighborhood. It was dark but the street lights are such that you only hit a dark spot about once a block. Naturally this occurred as I hopped over a yellow torn up t-shirt which reminded me of a kid in the movie. A girl had a vision of this boy on the side of the road. He was pointing, frantically trying to forewarn her of the danger ahead. He wore a yellow t-shirt with a tear strategically placed over his belly button which had a distinct tattoo surrounding it. Later, they find a weapon decorated with said belly button. Then of course the image of the Jeepers Creepers thing pops into my head just as I start to pass the cemetery. At first I thought this was funny - I mean, I found myself running faster thinking "I can outrun this punk". Then I couldn't get the image out of my head and was convinced he was right behind me and was going to get me if I didn't freaking hurry it up already! Every cricket, mayfly and whatever other noisy creatures were out that night immediately broke out into song. And then I swear something breathed on my neck. I guess this is could be a good thing because I managed to finish 2 minutes faster than usual. I think I should see Cabin Fever and then go camping.

Ryan's coming to the softball game again tonight. Another chance for me to completely embarrass myself by tripping, falling and getting hit with the ball. Not sure what we're doing afterwards but I'm sure our friend Coors Light will be invited. I never did get to working on the T-bird. I pray it starts in the morning or I'll really have to kick my own ass. Anyway - hope you have a fabulous weekend - I promise I will! Watch your speed - troopers are out like mad!


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See I knew you wouldn't stay single long. Hope he knows he's a lucky guy! Good to see your still having fun.

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