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Stop, Drop and Roll

Friday's game went well - we won. I was busy in left-center although wasn't required to make any diving catches this week :) I need to get to the batting cages this week - for some reason I'm not coming all the way around on the ball and am shanking it. Ryan and I had a few beers with Jesse and Rich before heading up to Applebee's for a perfect margarita. It was his first. I told him he hasn't lived until he has one and thankfully he likes them as much as I do so wasn't disappointed. We had another drink at Buffalo Wild Wings before picking up some movies from his place and heading to mine. Heather had a few beers with us and we watched The Ring. The visuals were definitely freaky but I was more scared during Jeepers Creepers - isn't that odd? It might have been because of all the raving I'd heard about The Ring while I wasn't expecting anything out of JC2. I'd probably set myself up for disappointment thinking it'd leave me with a week full of sleepless nights. Anyway, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. It was entertaining and the company was just unbeatable.

The T-bird showing was positive - he really likes the car. I should hear from him this weekend one way or another. The battery was dead, but after I jumped it, it popped right off. It's running like a dream! I hate to get rid of it! If it doesn't sell though, I'm going to start driving it around this weekend. Hopefully the exposure will drum up some interest.

Saturday Nite Live bowling started on, you guessed it, Saturday night. Mike had to work as did his brother so Heather's brother Dustin and Ryan filled in. The league is so much fun - it was great to catch up with everyone after a busy summer! Dustin's usually quiet, but he was talkative and funny. Ryan fit right in - even bowled well! Couldn't have asked for a better night! After bowling, we finished our beers in the bar. Heather & Dustin had to get going, but Ryan & I had a couple more with Duane and Terry. Oh the stories of Vegas. They had us laughing so hard we were almost crying! This might have been the first real test - he survived the bowling league and he's coming back for more!

I went to Jill's to watch the Vikings kick some Packer ass. We always have so much fun - we were both screaming at the top of our lungs! I love that the Vikings scored the first touchdown and the first field goal in the new Lambeau Field. Was quite the game! The Hoosier Daddy softball team even put one in the W column! The Vikes, the Twins, Hoosier Daddy? I mean really - Hoosier Daddy!!

The work bowling league starts tonight. Heather can't make it so I'm bringing in the ringer... Ryan's bowling for us tonight. Hopefully he won't mind bowling for the Bee Otches. Maybe he won't notice... Wish us luck!

And then it's Monday Night Football - are you ready? I should mention that I am the 2nd highest scorer in my fantasy football league this week. And yet I LOST. Priest Holmes single handedly kicked my ass.


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