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Time Machine

Instead of the usual whining about how insanely busy I've been, I'm going to delve right into it since I have over a week to cover. For the record though, I think if I don't find time to breathe sometime soon, I may spontaneously combust.

Friday, August 22nd

Since Ryan lives so close to where I play softball, he came to see us play. Hmm, I struck out the week before so brought a case of beer - maybe he came for the beer and not for the game! Despite major concern that I would embarrass myself by falling down, breaking something and/or striking out again, I played well - even had a couple of diving catches! We hung around for a couple of beers and then headed to Old Chicago for a couple more before crashing his buddy's bonfire in Minnetonka. Rum from the Dominican Republic is unbelievably tasty. And potent. Not necessarily in that order.

Saturday, August 23rd

Bright & early, picked up Jill and headed to Southdale for Mandy's bridesmaid dress shopping adventure. I say adventure because we had our first beer at 10:30am. Afterwards, Jill & I went to Ridgedale and bought purple and gold Puma tennis shoes for the Vikings games. They have little pockets, plus they were on sale! Also, I'm sure they'll help with the parking lot football playing. We had a low-key night at Fletchers. I know that seems impossible for us, but we did it. It's so nice to have a girls' night wherein you don't have to deal with misdirected guys or too much intoxication.

Sunday, August 24th

I went and saw Chad & Wendy's new house in Oakdale - it's a great place! After softball, I headed to BeBops for volleyball. After our games, we played for another hour or so until everyone was half in the bag. It's hard when everyone's trashed and you're not. Ryan & I opted out for a couple friendly games of darts and some coors light.

Note to self: very late Sunday nights lead to falling asleep at Monday's physical therapy session, sports page in hand.

Tuesday, August 26th

Saw the first movie in the theater since James Bond! Ryan & I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. It was great! Johnny Depp was excellent! It's nice to have someone to see movies with. Especially when he's hot.

Thursday, August 28th

Hyser & I took the afternoon off to go to the fair. I love the fair. We walked around just about non-stop enjoying things like chocolate malts, a cream puff, roasted corn and of course cheese curds. Also it wouldn't be the state fair if I didn't have a pronto pup. We left at about 6 and had dinner at Joe Senser's. Is it weird to go out to dinner after the state fair? Psssh, whatever - senser fries are unbeatable!

Friday, August 29th

Another afternoon off with Hyser. We went to Stone Arch first to sign our lease and then to 13 Moons for lunch. I think it'd be a better dinner place, but there was a cute guy in a visor that Jill was making eyes at! We went back to her place and sipped a few cold ones and read up on "sure fire ways to have him asking for more" in her girlie magazines. Pam stopped over and we headed out. We intended on going to Fletcher's and keeping the summer of 2003 tradition alive but there were only 5 cars in the parking lot. We decided to go to Baysides instead and managed to have a good time even with all of the pushing on the dance floor. An old guy paid for our drinks. In exchange I agreed to do a shot of tequila with him. It was about 6 ounces of tequila, I'm not kidding. There was something about cherries, and bartenders trying to shake their bon bons. It's just not clear in what order.

Saturday, August 30th

I woke up bright and early and headed to Rachel's. We piled into the Jimmy and headed to fabulous Tomah, WI to meet Julian and his wife Annelie. They were in Chicago on vacation from Sweden and were kind enough to meet us half way to see us! We had lunch, caught up on old times and went bowling. They're such an adorable couple - I'm so glad to see them happy. He is and always has been a great friend. He was a consultant at Green Tree in 96. We were inseparable for 2 summers filled with concerts, underage drinking and good times.

I went for a run and then met Jill and Amy at a bonfire in Minnetonka. There was a lot of drinking and a neighbor girl from hell. Think small-town WT. Think starved for attention pathelogical liar. Made for some interesting conversation but in the end we had to go to avoid any knock down drag out situations.

Sunday, August 31st

Jill & I were bums until noon and then headed to Osseo for Thai food but they were closed. We checked out Golden Dragon but they were closed too! 90 minutes later we landed at Chi Chi's where my fork jumped out of my hand and onto my white shirt. Naturally it was full of red sauce. Quite the adventure. We burned CD's at Jill's parents and gave her brother a hard time. Or was it him giving us a hard time? It's hard to say. Ryan called from the Denver airport and we made plans to get together when he got back in town. I got home around 6:15 or so, got ready and headed to Blaine for Stacy and Brian's BBQ. I hadn't seen Susie in ages and it's always fun to party with her! Ryan got there at about quarter to 9. There was poker playing, girls singing and dancing, crazy convenience store shopping and mad picture taking. We won't mention the Jäg Bulls or the walk-over/front flip attempts on wet grass. We will mention that Ryan managed to win $25 and should get a bravery medal for driving the 40 minutes to a strange house full of strangers while silently suffering through jet-lag. What a guy. Did I mention that he's hot?

Monday, September 1st

Laid around and was completely unproductive although I did do a load of laundry and eat. Both important things. I met Ryan at 6:30 for a couple of beers before seeing Jeepers Creepers 2. It was what could be expected - entertaining but pretty bad acting and a ridiculous plot. Makes no difference really though because I'm such a sucker - I get scared at all the times when you're supposed to. At one of the down points I realized that I still had the death grip on his hand and was probably about to draw blood. How sad that I'm 26 and am actually buying into this beast who comes out every 23rd spring to eat for 23 days. At least it's worth a few laughs, right? Anyway, I thought this might satisfy the craving for something scary but I think it just intensified it. I think we're going to have to see Cabin Fever next week!

Tuesday, September 2nd

Here ends Berger's freedom. I started school yesterday! It wasn't too bad - I think I made good choices in classes. C++ shouldn't be too bad and my psych class is small and everyone seems really nice. Also, she said she likes to get out early so that's a huge plus. Instead of 10, it should be 9:15-9:30. Rock on.

Today I'm taking Lyle out for happy hour as he was recently "work-force reduced" (tell me why don't they just say laid off anymore?). Then I'm going to work on the T-bird. Have to get it running for Saturday! I have someone looking at it at noon. I really hope he buys it. Tomorrow is another school day and Friday I have an early softball game and possibly a softball party afterwards. Sometime I'll sleep. But just in case I don't, how about taking a nap in my honor?


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You are the busiest gal I have ever seen! Congrats on the new place, sounds incredible!

Hi Jason!
The last couple of months have been just nuts! It's starting to get the best of me but I'm hanging in there. I am really looking forward to having some actual freetime... in November. Can you believe that? I seriously already have 2 weekends in October full of committments. Oh well, guess I wouldn't have it any other way!

Thanks for the congrats - we're really excited to move in! It's going to be one heck of a housewarming party!

How have you been? I'm going to try to get on my cousin's PC tonight and I'll check your site out! Hope you're doing great!

Take care,

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