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Ziggy Socky Ziggy Socky Hoy Hoy Hoy!

Jill Hyser played softball with us on Friday night. We met at Ruby Tuesday's for a pre-game dinner but they had a long wait so we ended up at IHOP. I didn't order breakfast. Completely out of character I know, but Hyser's chicken tenders were sounding so good. And at a place like IHOP, chicken tenders are pretty fancy.

Ryan got to the field at about 9. He even brought me a sweatshirt since I forgot that it's no longer July. Then I couldn't bring myself to wear it until after the game because it was too clean and nice. The fact that it came down to my knees might have had a little bit to do with it, too. Anyway, Hyser, Ryan & I went to Chevy's after the game for a few margaritas. Never made it to the movie but Hyser told us good jokes and we laughed.

I went for a run Saturday morning, worked on my psych final and caught up with Kris who I hadn't talked to in months! Ryan got to the house at about 7 and Jason arrived close to 8. Good thing he got there when he did or Ryan & I might have ended up sleeping through the festivities. Why is it that all day I tried taking a nap unsuccessfully, then, an hour before kick-off, I finally get tired? We got to Gastof's only minutes before Hyser and Amy. We enjoyed the German beer (which seriously tastes like chocolate to me, the dangerous kind) and I won $100! After the tent party, we went to Gabby's. Heather met us out and more alcohol was consumed. I fell off a chair. Really must stop drinking so much - I kept up with Ryan. In fact I think I had a captain coke so that means I passed him. Not good. Really good impression on Jason - first time I meet him, I tell him I can out-fish him, next time I'm a drunken mess falling off of chairs. He's having a party on Saturday that Hyser, Ryan & I are going to. I offered to bring food. Now I'm going to have to bring the good stuff to make up for the mess I made on Saturday. Bad Berger. Ryan is way too good to me. He handled me very well considering that I went to the bathroom in the men's room and fell off of a chair. Also he survived breakfast at Perkins with Heather and I. And that's no small feat :) But seriously, I need to stop forgetting that I don't have the alcohol tolerance necessary to keep up with the guys. Also, keeping up with the guys is eventually going to reduce their tolerance for me.

Sunday, we ordered pizza and watched the Vikings spank the 49ers, now known as the 48ers. Owens was embarassing. I also kicked some fantasy football ass - 104 points. Manning threw 6 TD's and Moss at 3! I was the top scorer and that's worth $20 in my league! So even after the bar/pizza/movie, etc., I'm up $10 for the weekend. Not too bad considering. I mean, it's expensive falling off chairs! We lost our softball game but it was fun in spite of the turf field.

Ryan & I finally went to see Underworld after the game. It was good! They really could have done a lot more with that story line, but it was what I expected. Pretty dark, but some pretty good action sequences. What more do you want from a vampire/warewolf movie?!

Tonight we bowl and I have to finish my school work. I have mid-terms this week - wish me luck. I have 2 softball games left - Friday and Sunday. So that means that I have some free weekends coming up right? Yeah, in November.

Have a great week!


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