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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

No Memorial Service

Because I'm not dead.

Just buried.


In summary:

  • NC was fun, but 38 hours of driving in 72 is insane. 27 more NFL stadiums to go!

  • Help Desk moves at work went very well. Done ahead of schedule. Still needed a beer.

  • Server moves were post-poned due to power issues. Get to do those this Thursday. Fear for job, even life.

  • Fridays has maybe the best chicken sandwiches ever.

  • Saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Tried jumping behind seat. Hit wall.

  • Did haunted hay ride/mansion in Forest Lake. Was proud I didn't scream when the monsters jumped out at us. Jumped a little but didn't scream. Until a branch scraped up against the trailer. I shrieked, jumped off my hay bail and ducked for cover. The haunted mansion is a different story. At one point I caught myself 3 steps into a full-on sprint. Got our money's worth anyway!

  • The apartment move went well considering U-haul didn't have our truck, sent Jill and her Dad clear across town only to discover they didn't have a truck either. Finally, they dug up a 14' truck. All of our stuff didn't fit. We were supposed to have a 17' truck. Really hate U-haul. I'll show them what they can haul.

  • Shelly had surgery yesterday. She's doing fine and I hope she will be home very soon.

  • Tonight, Ryan and I are going to see Fuel and Smile Empty Soul after drinking heavily. I moved our customer service center yesterday and today and it was quite the mess. I hope this is not any indication of how Thursday's server move is going to go. This getting to work at 6am stuff sucks. Mainly because I've had to stay late too. Hopefully I'm out of here in 5 minutes.

  • Start a new semester this week. Done on 12/18. Programming II a.k.a. Becoming a true geek II.

    Hope you're well. Things should slow down for me now. But I've been saying that for months. Sleep for me!

  • Thursday, October 16, 2003

    Charlotte, NC

    Hyser and I are on our way to Charlotte, NC tomorrow! It's a 20 hour drive - wish us luck! We're going to take our time - check out the scenery and sing along to every song we know. Saturday night, my fantasy football league is getting together to put a few beers down and talk some smack about the upcoming games. Sunday we'll be watching the Panthers play the Titans at Ericsson Stadium. Can't wait! We're coming back after the game - should be back in town sometime Monday afternoon. Just in time for Monday night football!

    I know, we're maniacs!

    Tonight, Jill and I will check out the neighborhood bars, grab something to eat and possibly meet up with Ryan's friends at Stargate. We'll see how the night shapes up!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Tuesday, October 14, 2003

    Lazy Bones

    For not working out for 4 days in a row. After drinking about a case of beer and eating everything in sight. Must run tonight. Hopefully the foot will cooperate or I might have to make good on the threat to cut it off.


    I wish I would have gone away to college. I had just an incredible time at NDSU. It was so much fun to see where Ryan went to school and to meet his buddies. He's a popular guy.

    In an effort to be concise, here are the highlights:

  • Crossed the border at 5:45pm
  • Arrived at Turfs at 5:55pm
  • Consumed first beer at 6:00pm
  • Caught up with Jason, Dan, Kevin (BP!), many more
  • Went to Chubs. Proud that refrained from falling off chairs/using the wrong bathroom.
  • Decided to try a Stumplifter. I think it was pure liquor.
  • The U of MN was ahead of Michigan the WHOLE game. Until the end of the 4th quarter when it means the most.
  • Headed to Sports for some black jack
  • Ran into the right cop at the wrong time. You read that right - we were the definition of lucky.
  • Stopped by Mike's, went to college kegger and finally to a hotel at 3am.
  • Met up with Shorty at Kroll's Saturday afternoon.
  • After 1 mountain dew and 2 cups of coffee couldn't sit still. For hours. I'm not kidding, was fidgeting for 6 hours straight.
  • Went to Woody's for a couple of beers. A few good people joined us and we shared stories, laughed uncontrollably and watched Pedro of the Red Sox take down old man Zimmer.
  • Had dinner with Jason at Old Chicago
  • Met up with Nate and his friends at the basement bar (underneath the high quality Fargo strip club).
  • Nate was cut off about 10 minutes after we got there. It was 8pm.
  • I look like Nate's pilates instructor. I'm sure that's a compliment but it was repeated about 75 times.
  • Finished out the night at Chubs with Jason and the gang.
  • I forewent the Stumplifter but couldn't get out of having a Lunchbox. It's about half a beer, a shot of amaretto topped off with orange juice. Doesn't sound good does it? It's really not but it's not as bad as it seems.
  • Got back to the hotel at about 2, got some good sleep and checked out the campus Sunday morning before heading out.

    We stopped at the Fergus Falls Applebee's and the Albany DQ on the way home. Watched the football games at my place, took a much needed nap and ordered pizza. Funny how you can spend the entire weekend with someone yet the closer it gets to the point where you know they have to go, the more you want them to stay.

    I pick up the keys to the apartment tomorrow morning! I can't wait. I'm going to move as much as I can myself until Jill gets there after work. We're going to run around and slide on the hardwood floors. I don't know which one of us is more excited! Ryan's coming over to check it out too. Think we might check out the riverwalk and maybe one of the neighborhood bars. I'm packing the air mattress - I'm so staying the night!

    Well, it's time to head off to class. Hope you had a great weekend and have a super week!

  • Friday, October 10, 2003


    I got an A on the mid-term although I don't feel any smarter for it. We just started functions and the class quickly went from I'm-such-a-geek-that-this-stuff-just-comes-naturally to what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about. It's OK though, I think I can get through the next 2 weeks. I can't believe we only have 2 weeks left. Very scary! I'm only taking 1 class next semester - this programming stuff is only going to get more complicated and I need to have some sanity time (a.k.a. neighborhood bar exploring time with Hyser). I'm just about to break and well, that wouldn't be pretty.

    I kicked the cold. Still have a little cough and my throat's a little dry but that beats the misery I was in earlier this week! So it looks like I might be able to hang with the boys after all :) Think we might both have to sneak in a little nap when we get in anyway - we both woke up at 6am. He's just geared up to go, I got up early to get in a bike ride to hedge for the pending beer intake.

    I can't wait to get outta here! Have a great weekend!

    Monday, October 06, 2003

    Good Times

    My mid-term only took me 20 minutes to finish which either means I did really well or I completely bombed. The proof will come tomorrow so keep wishing me that luck, would ya?

    After the test, I met Hyser at Scoreboards for dinner. Their food was really good! The Twins won while we planned moving details and discussed which restraurants we're going to eat at first :) All the important things!

    I met Ryan at Stargate where we were coerced into dancing to songs I don't know and with people who are much better dancers than you want to dance next to. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, it was a lot of fun (plus the beer was only $1). I'm just saying, I can't dance! Only about 25 beers make me think I can. There's a huge difference. After making a fool out of myself, we went to visit the T-bird. It started right up. I really don't want to sell it. I just really should. Dang it.

    Our Friday softball game was cancelled so I had dinner with Ryan's family instead. Ryan's Mom made salad, pork chops, twice baked potatoes, green beans, and pumpkin bars. It was really good and they're a lot of fun. Plus twice baked potatoes are perhaps the perfect food. We talked for awhile after dinner and then Ryan and I headed out to Old Chicago. We played some Golden Tee and then went to Players to meet up with his friend Carl. Had a couple at Players and made our way to Friday's where we closed down the bar. We always have fun together.

    Saturday, I spent most of the day making chicken wings for Jason's party. I dropped them off at his house before bowling. We bowled, we lost 5 pts out of 7 but it was still a lot of fun. Afterwards I picked up Jill and we got to Jason's a little before 10. We had a lot of fun. Didn't end up going to sleep until 5am! We woke up at 9, helped Jason clean up a little and headed home. I made my way back over to Ryan's for the football games. We played our last softball game for which he earned his golden glove and had dinner at Champps for the Sunday night game. I don't know how long we can keep up this all-weekend stuff but I have to say, everything so far has been a pleasant surprise. A luxury. That pretty much sums it up. I'm loving it.

    So tonight is bowling, tomorrow school, Wednesday dinner and basket class with Mom who I haven't seen since her birthday, Thursday class and Friday we leave for NDSU homecoming. I'm really looking forward to it but am a little nervous I'm not going to be able to keep up with these guys! As long as I stay away from the German beer I should be OK :) Also I need to get over this cold/cough - any sign of weakness is unacceptable!

    Have a great week!

    Thursday, October 02, 2003


    Bowling was fun on Monday even though we lost all 7 points! Ryan had to get home to run, but Randy, Sherry and I headed up to the Sunshine Factory afterwards to watch part of the Bears vs. Packers game. Their food is just unbeatable and Randy & Sherry are so much fun. Nice too - they even offered to help me move during the day of Sherry's birthday dinner at Gastof's!

    Tuesday was a great day. I found out in class that psych only meets Tuesdays this month! So I get out of school at 7 on Thursdays, starting today! It's like having another day free. I'm beside myself in elation. Seriously I never thought 2 hours would make such a huge difference. I have my C++ mid-term tonight - wish me luck. I'm going to go to the health club, ride the bike and study during lunch. It's a good thing I can multi-task or I'd never get anything done!

    Yesterday I was in Eden Prairie for a data/voice over IP seminar. I learned a lot! Plus I got in a 90 minute run - a fast one even and 3 loads of laundry! Mike, Heather & I had a beer, breakfast burritos and finally got a chance to hang out.

    After class I'm actually truly free since I don't have laundry or other chores to do so I might rent some movies to try to catch up from a year of basically seeing none. Or maybe I'll try talking Hyser into some type of corruption. Think that latter sounds more interesting. I mean, if I finish the backlog of movies, what will I do at 3am over the weekend??

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