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Bowling was fun on Monday even though we lost all 7 points! Ryan had to get home to run, but Randy, Sherry and I headed up to the Sunshine Factory afterwards to watch part of the Bears vs. Packers game. Their food is just unbeatable and Randy & Sherry are so much fun. Nice too - they even offered to help me move during the day of Sherry's birthday dinner at Gastof's!

Tuesday was a great day. I found out in class that psych only meets Tuesdays this month! So I get out of school at 7 on Thursdays, starting today! It's like having another day free. I'm beside myself in elation. Seriously I never thought 2 hours would make such a huge difference. I have my C++ mid-term tonight - wish me luck. I'm going to go to the health club, ride the bike and study during lunch. It's a good thing I can multi-task or I'd never get anything done!

Yesterday I was in Eden Prairie for a data/voice over IP seminar. I learned a lot! Plus I got in a 90 minute run - a fast one even and 3 loads of laundry! Mike, Heather & I had a beer, breakfast burritos and finally got a chance to hang out.

After class I'm actually truly free since I don't have laundry or other chores to do so I might rent some movies to try to catch up from a year of basically seeing none. Or maybe I'll try talking Hyser into some type of corruption. Think that latter sounds more interesting. I mean, if I finish the backlog of movies, what will I do at 3am over the weekend??


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