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No Memorial Service

Because I'm not dead.

Just buried.


In summary:

  • NC was fun, but 38 hours of driving in 72 is insane. 27 more NFL stadiums to go!

  • Help Desk moves at work went very well. Done ahead of schedule. Still needed a beer.

  • Server moves were post-poned due to power issues. Get to do those this Thursday. Fear for job, even life.

  • Fridays has maybe the best chicken sandwiches ever.

  • Saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Tried jumping behind seat. Hit wall.

  • Did haunted hay ride/mansion in Forest Lake. Was proud I didn't scream when the monsters jumped out at us. Jumped a little but didn't scream. Until a branch scraped up against the trailer. I shrieked, jumped off my hay bail and ducked for cover. The haunted mansion is a different story. At one point I caught myself 3 steps into a full-on sprint. Got our money's worth anyway!

  • The apartment move went well considering U-haul didn't have our truck, sent Jill and her Dad clear across town only to discover they didn't have a truck either. Finally, they dug up a 14' truck. All of our stuff didn't fit. We were supposed to have a 17' truck. Really hate U-haul. I'll show them what they can haul.

  • Shelly had surgery yesterday. She's doing fine and I hope she will be home very soon.

  • Tonight, Ryan and I are going to see Fuel and Smile Empty Soul after drinking heavily. I moved our customer service center yesterday and today and it was quite the mess. I hope this is not any indication of how Thursday's server move is going to go. This getting to work at 6am stuff sucks. Mainly because I've had to stay late too. Hopefully I'm out of here in 5 minutes.

  • Start a new semester this week. Done on 12/18. Programming II a.k.a. Becoming a true geek II.

    Hope you're well. Things should slow down for me now. But I've been saying that for months. Sleep for me!

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