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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Remember, calories don't count on holidays!

We're going to Ryan's aunt's, then to my Mom's and to my Dad's for dessert.

I made an apple pie for work today - they didn't mind being the guinea pigs. I'm making another one tonight and one more tomorrow morning. You can just call me Martha.

Tonight's girl's night! At least for most of the night. We'll probably meet up with Ryan and his buddies later on.

Take care!

Friday, November 21, 2003

Burger Begger

For going home to run and instead eating a stuffed burger at Tuggs. Although I got to catch up with Danielle which pretty much nullifies the guilt. Well, almost.

All Wrapped Up

Well I'm starting to tie up those loose ends. I finished the basket for my co-worker Rob's wife, re-organized the storage unit and filled it nearly to the brim, also paid off my credit cards and my Texas line of credit. Now I can close my Texas checking account! I'm so relieved - balancing 3 checkbooks is a complete pain in the you know where. My other line of credit with Wells Fargo is about half-way paid off. Things are looking good. Is it ironic that I finally get my finances in order now that I'm paying more for rent? Either way, it feels really good!

Tonight, I'm meeting Ryan for a work happy hour. It'll be fun to meet the people he works with. Afterwards we may see Gothika or go home to take a nap depending how tired we are. We didn't get much sleep last night - had a couple of gyro's before heading up to Old Chicago to continue the beer tour. He kicked my ass at darts. We were going to get a pool table but ended up hiding out in a booth talking the rest of the night. I parked in the same spot I parked in the first time we went out. Guess what, I had another parking ticket. Yeah, you'd think I'd learn! Not sure how I'd overlooked the fact that it was THURSDAY and you can't park there 11pm-6am Thurs-Sat. So in my attempt to be cheap, I paid $33 to park vs. $3 in the ramp that was less than 50 feet away.

Tomorrow, I'm getting up, running at least 8 miles and then unpacking until I'm blue in the face. Tomorrow night, Ryan and I are going to the Wild game. We've got really good seats - I'm really excited! My friend Danielle and Ben will be there too - I'm really looking forward to meeting up with them. I got to have lunch with Danielle today to pick up the tickets. It was great to catch up with her. It's nice to have girl time.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Another List?

Because I can't think of a better way to do this when I fall this far behind?

Thursday 11/6: Hyser and I went to Sophia's for happy hour. It's a very nice bar. Someplace to bring a date or a colleague you wanted to impress. I think Frasier would like this place. They have a menu posted at the front door that had a couple of chicken sandwiches that sounded good but the menu we were handed had no sandwiches. Just fancy stuff. I asked the bartender if the sandwiches were just on their lunch menu or? she looked at me like I'd just asked her something indecent and said we don't have sandwiches, we've never had sandwiches. Apparently they use that menu to lure us low-class folks in and then force us to pay $14 for things like Linguini and Portobello Mushrooms. We finished our 2 for 1's and walked down to Pracna for some real food.

We have a security system at the apartment. It didn't come with a manual and the move-in packet said the security company would charge $50 to teach us how to use it. I think that's ridiculous as the security system was a bit of a selling point for us. We got home from dinner at about 9:30. I decide that I can figure this thing out - no problem. I figure there's a way to set the security code so I start hitting buttons. I hit the star key and arm the bastard. This wouldn't have been a problem but this secures not only the doors, but there are several motion detectors in the apartment as well. So unless Hyser and I stayed put and slept in the entryway, we were going to end up setting the damn thing off. Sure enough 10 minutes later, the alarm sounds. I'm pressing buttons, Hyser's hiding in her room, we trade places. I page the security system people. We're standing half outside with our ears covered when I decide to make 1 last attempt. Somehow by some grace of God I get the thing to turn off. 2 minutes later, the security company calls me back. They have no idea what I did or how to fix the problem - tell me to call them in the morning. We were both afraid to open the door in the morning! Um, 10 minutes of the alarm going off and nobody came. What good is this anyway???

Friday 11/7: I met Larry for happy hour at Kieran's. It's always good to see him - fun to catch up on things. He's been running lately too - yet another thing we have in common. He is, however, a Raider fan for which I may never forgive him for after the Vikings pathetic performance on Sunday! But seriously, it's amazing to think that we've known each other for over 7 years. Geez the guy knew me when I was 18. He's pretty much seen me at my best and worst. It's good to have friends like that. They can always remind you of the stupid things you've done. Not that that in itself actually helps you avoid doing stupid things in the future - but it's worth a good laugh or 4. Ryan had a few beers with us and then we headed to the video store and to the Happy Garden - the lovely neighborhood Chinese restaurant. Their food rocks. We had a drink at the dive bar next door while we waited for our food.

Saturday 11/8: Ryan and I had lunch with Steph, her baby Jayden and her Mom. They came by to check out the apartment. Jayden's such a happy baby! We had lunch at Old Chicago. It's always good to relive the old softball days. Old friends are the best - they have all sorts of embarrassing stories to share with the boyfriend. Ryan and I stayed and watched the rest of the U of MN game - they actually won! We started the beer tour which I'll probably finish when I'm 50! We went home to sneak in a nap before meeting Rick and Mindy at Chevy's for dinner before the 3 Days Grace, Default and Nickelback concert. I'm actually not a huge Nickelback fan - Ryan and I were going mainly for the 1st 2 bands but wow, they really impressed me. They're a lot harder than I thought. 3 Days Grace played a good set. Default wasn't bad - their guitar player is amazing but they were a little off as a group. Seriously though, Nickelback was polished and great performers. We went to the Hard Rock afterwards where Mindy made us have shots. Then to Gameworks for some air hockey and bowling. Was a really good time.

Sunday 11/9: Stayed in bed all day and all night watching football. Pizza Luce delivers. I love them.

Monday 11/10: Ryan bowled with us. Then Randy, Sherry, Mike, Ryan and I went to the Green Mill for dinner. I had this chicken portobello alfredo penne thing that was unbelievable! Afterwards I went and picked up another load from Heather and Mike's. Finally got the new bedframe moved. Fought with that damn thing until 2am when I finally gave up and assembled the old bedframe. I finally got the bed put together at 3.

Tuesday 11/11: Ryan came over to help me move some things around and take a look at the infamous bedframe but we decided to walk to The Drink instead. It was packed (Timberwolves game). I'm not sure if we can go back to that bar. It makes us both spill our guts. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the 5 beers. Walking to the bar is dangerous. Makes me drink more!

Wednesday 11/12: Well, all of this running around with the head cut off business has finally caught up with me. I passed out at work and was nearly passing out again for another 30 minutes before the paramedics showed up. I didn't really know what was going on but the next thing I see is the inside of an ambulance. Was kind of embarrassing to have that happen at work. All tests came back normal - I have a strong heart and no blood clots or the like. Doc says I need to start taking it easy and not pushing myself so hard. My Mom, Ryan and I went out for lunch at the Sunshine Factory afterwards. Their food is just insanely delicious. Nothing like Ryan getting to know my Mom in the ER. Well that's hospital visit #1. I suppose it was just a matter of time! It was so nice of them to come to be there for me. He even stayed to take care of me. My Mom gave him explicit instructions to make sure I actually rested. Hmmph. I can't get away with anything anymore!

Thursday 11/13: I actually stayed home and rested like I was supposed to. I got a few things unpacked but mostly I rested. Wednesday's episode scared me more than I was allowing myself to realize. That feeling of passing out is really awful. I just felt like I had absolutely no control and a few times I thought that if I let myself pass out, I might not wake up. Just pure panic. Not fun.

Friday 11/14: I took a half day off, did some laundry and Ryan and I met Jill, Jill and John out at the Refuge and then to The Drink. We had a lot of fun! I finally felt close to normal again.

Saturday 11/15: I finally had time to get that massage that Ryan gave me last month. It was wonderful. I felt so relaxed! It didn't even hurt and I was afraid it would since my muscles are so sore. I could definitely handle that on a weekly basis! Afterwards we split some chicken sandwiches at Old Chicago and continued on our beer tour. They served us big beers. I had 1 to his 3! I tried switching cards on him but he was too quick for me. We went home, took a short nap and headed to bowling. He bowled a few games while we split points with Paul's team. We decided to stay for moonlight. We had fun. I won $2 but couldn't control my ball. We got paired up with a guy who'd just hit on a pull tab so they bought us a round of drinks. Yeah, we really didn't need that round of drinks! Kevin was bowling next to us - it was fun to catch up with him. He's a lot of fun.

Sunday 11/16: Jill, Jill and I went to Chipotle for lunch and then walked around the neighborhood. There are so many cool stores and shops by our place - it's going to be awesome this summer! We went back home to watch football and then I got ready for dinner. I picked up a Dairy Queen cake (in Vikings colors of course!) on my way to his parents' house. We watched the end of the Vikings game and then headed to the Downtowner in St. Paul. The food was great and we were seated right by the fireplace so that was nice. I have fun with his family. We went back to the house afterwards for cake. We talked some more and then everyone went to bed so Ryan and I watched the late game, Sportcenter and NFL Countdown. I really need to get ESPN. I'm going to go crazy without it!

Monday 11/17: The Man's birthday. He's a quarter century now - and catching up to me I might add. Especially since I'm going to stay 26 another year. He came by after work. We headed to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for a pre-dinner drink and had the best dinner possibly ever. The steak was amazing and the sweet potato pecan crusted side dish was more like dessert! Asparagus and Hollandaise? I think I died and went to heaven (and if I had a steak in that much butter every day I probably would!). We had a birthday cheesecake dessert and went home to change before going somewhere by the apartment to watch the MNF game. We didn't end up going anywhere. I was so full I couldn't move! We rested until 3rd quarter but by then were so comfortable, decided to stay in. I think he had a nice birthday. I really hope so, he really deserves it.

Tonight I have class and then am meeting Rachel for a late happy hour. Haven't seen her in a couple of months and she has a CD from our friends in Sweden for me. Hope you're having a great week! Naturally it's going to be another busy week, but still it feels less hectic with work not being quite as busy on top of everything else.

Thursday, November 06, 2003


For keeping myself too busy. I promised I'd start making more time for myself and even though I only have 1 class this semester I swear I'm even busier now than before. I haven't run in a week! And have been drinking my weight in beer. Luckily have not felt its affects but I will if I don't get back on that treadmill dammit! Dang drinking's getting in the way of my wellness program. Oh well, I guess that's better than the other way around!


  • 10/30: Server moves went off without a hitch! There aren't even any injuries to report.

  • 10/31: Spent some quality time with Josh and Sandra at BWW before heading to Ryan's friend Tony's Halloween/Birthday party. I didn't even recognize him well with the fishnet stockings, DD's and apron. Ryan and I were the only ones who didn't dress up. That's OK though - my excuse is that I just didn't have time to come up with a costume. Well that and the fact that I'm scary enough without one :) We got to Heather and Mike's at about midnight. About 5 minutes before Heather passed out. Was re-acquainted with Jim Beam. Remembered too late why I can't stand him.

  • 11/1: Picked up $90 worth of meat from Foerster's in Plymouth, got groceries and made 2 batches of Special K bars for the Vikings/Packers tailgating party. Bowled. Like crap I might add. Even after Ryan got there and he's usually my good luck charm. Went to Champps with the Sexports. They're always such a great time.

  • 11/2: Picked up the grills, packed the car with said grills, a huge bag of charcoal, the big cooler full of food, 2 cases of beer, bars, food, a big bin of essentials, Jill and Ryan. Laughed the whole way as were completely jammed into car. Parked, started smoking the food, drinking beer and throwing the football. Mandy and Scot drove all the way from Mankato to join us! Sadly, no-one else could make it but somehow we managed to devour 6 racks of ribs and 2 batches of Special K bars. We had some help from Jill's brother and his friends, a friend of Ryan's, and of course some passers-by but I'd say we did most of the damage ourselves. We didn't even get to the chicken or the shrimp! I think Ryan's first tailgating experience was a good one!

  • 11/5: Ryan and I had happy hour with Lyle last night. Lyle's a great guy - he spent 3 years in Taiwan and has some great stories to share. Afterwards we went back to my place to watch Angel and Law & Order. I hate it when he has to go and I just love that.

  • 11/6: Hyser and I do happy hour tonight and then I'm going to do laundry and run. I hope to get 7 miles in but that may be a bit ambitious after a happy happy-hour. Tomorrow I'm doing the happy hour thing with an old buddy of mine, Larry. Haven't seen him in a couple of years - have lots to catch up on! Am really excited to see him. I've always liked talking to him. Hopefully Ryan will join us. After happy hour, we've got a bottle of wine chilling for us and lots of movies to watch. We're going to Nickelback, Default and 3 Days Grace on Saturday with one of his friends from work. Sunday, what else but football?!? And hopefully getting the rest of my stuff out of Heather & Mike's basement. Hope you have a fun weekend planned as well! The place is almost settled into so we're just about ready for visitors!

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