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  • 10/30: Server moves went off without a hitch! There aren't even any injuries to report.

  • 10/31: Spent some quality time with Josh and Sandra at BWW before heading to Ryan's friend Tony's Halloween/Birthday party. I didn't even recognize him well with the fishnet stockings, DD's and apron. Ryan and I were the only ones who didn't dress up. That's OK though - my excuse is that I just didn't have time to come up with a costume. Well that and the fact that I'm scary enough without one :) We got to Heather and Mike's at about midnight. About 5 minutes before Heather passed out. Was re-acquainted with Jim Beam. Remembered too late why I can't stand him.

  • 11/1: Picked up $90 worth of meat from Foerster's in Plymouth, got groceries and made 2 batches of Special K bars for the Vikings/Packers tailgating party. Bowled. Like crap I might add. Even after Ryan got there and he's usually my good luck charm. Went to Champps with the Sexports. They're always such a great time.

  • 11/2: Picked up the grills, packed the car with said grills, a huge bag of charcoal, the big cooler full of food, 2 cases of beer, bars, food, a big bin of essentials, Jill and Ryan. Laughed the whole way as were completely jammed into car. Parked, started smoking the food, drinking beer and throwing the football. Mandy and Scot drove all the way from Mankato to join us! Sadly, no-one else could make it but somehow we managed to devour 6 racks of ribs and 2 batches of Special K bars. We had some help from Jill's brother and his friends, a friend of Ryan's, and of course some passers-by but I'd say we did most of the damage ourselves. We didn't even get to the chicken or the shrimp! I think Ryan's first tailgating experience was a good one!

  • 11/5: Ryan and I had happy hour with Lyle last night. Lyle's a great guy - he spent 3 years in Taiwan and has some great stories to share. Afterwards we went back to my place to watch Angel and Law & Order. I hate it when he has to go and I just love that.

  • 11/6: Hyser and I do happy hour tonight and then I'm going to do laundry and run. I hope to get 7 miles in but that may be a bit ambitious after a happy happy-hour. Tomorrow I'm doing the happy hour thing with an old buddy of mine, Larry. Haven't seen him in a couple of years - have lots to catch up on! Am really excited to see him. I've always liked talking to him. Hopefully Ryan will join us. After happy hour, we've got a bottle of wine chilling for us and lots of movies to watch. We're going to Nickelback, Default and 3 Days Grace on Saturday with one of his friends from work. Sunday, what else but football?!? And hopefully getting the rest of my stuff out of Heather & Mike's basement. Hope you have a fun weekend planned as well! The place is almost settled into so we're just about ready for visitors!

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