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10 days until Christmas?

Ryan printed my Christmas poem for me but I haven't found festive envelopes yet nor have I filled them out. They're quickly turning into New Year's greetings.

We had a great weekend. Did some Christmas shopping, watched some movies, bowled. Had dinner with Ryan's family - got to meet Patrick (Danielle's boyfriend) who's just a fantastic guy. Played some games. Slept in and watched football over breakfast. Life doesn't get much better than this!

I have to study for Thursday's final after bowling tonight, do laundry and hopefully complete aforementioned Christmas greetings. Tomorrow I hope to do more shopping, more studying and well, sleep sometime.

Wednesday there's a happy hour at the Green Mill and then "girls' night" at McSean's. I'm excited to see everyone - it's been so long!

Thursday I have my final. It's bittersweet really. I have a pretty big project to finish and not enough time to do it, but I'm really excited to have a break from school. I'm actually going to have some free time between the 19th and the 5th of January - that is provided I don't end up booking myself solid again. There are so many people I need to catch up with that it seems inevitable that I'll find a way to be busy anyway. At least it'll be voluntary. And that makes all the difference.

Friday Jill and I are having afternoon facials followed by dinner, drinks and downtown diva-ing. Some theraputic girl time. We can't wait!

It's likely we'll be tailgating for the Vikings' Saturday match-up. Think we can contain Priest Holmes? Don't answer that.

I hope you're all in the holiday spirit! This time of year always fills me with warmth and hope. When smiles are especially contagious. May you catch several today!


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